Article: Talent is crucial in the age of services industry

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Talent is crucial in the age of services industry

Manoj Biswas, MD-HR Accenture (HR Head-India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh) talks about who should own a talent brand program
Talent is crucial in the age of services industry

India has focused on consumer branding much more than talent branding

From Accenture’s standpoint, a talent brand is a culmination of various market drivers, which help us to build and rethink our talent and HR strategy. They could be internal as well as external. Internally, it could be about what is happening inside the organization such as how it is reshaping itself and programs it is fostering for key deliverables. Externally, it is about how candidate experiences change, the expectations they have from their prospective employer and the shifting technology trends that the company is facing. Of course, when you look at the India context, it is more about how you address new ways of growth in continuous volatility. When we look at creating a talent brand, we look at various work streams such as the positioning and visibility of the employee value proposition, talent sourcing needs, career management and value proposition for specialized skills. The talent brand must be effective such that it is clear in the market. Accenture has a clear talent...
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