Article: The Age of Talent Empires

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The Age of Talent Empires

Not too far into the future, CEOs will become brand champions and talent wars may lead to the creation of talent empires
The Age of Talent Empires

HR’s role in the organization is evolving into a brand and marketing role where the rules of the consumer market apply to the talent market as well


The jury is out on whether there is a need for a different talent brand and employer brand even though companies underscored the importance of both

Historically, companies have spent a lot of time and effort on developing their consumer brand. Consider brands like Apple, Starbucks or even Amul, there is a level of quality that is attributed to these brands – something that has stayed put over the years. Even in our personal daily lives, we swear by certain brands be it the toothpaste you use or the jeans you wear. Organizations have been successful in getting its brand out there and attract a marketplace, attract consumers. Today, consumers have the ability to build or destroy brands in minutes thanks to the social media reach. The same could be said of the employees even vice versa. But, it was not until recently that they started applying the same thought process to the workforce. Employees as an audience were forgotten but that didn’t stop the perceptions from building be it in offices, business schools or even restrooms. The employer branding or the corporate branding of a company is based on various intangible f...
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