Article: The X-Factor of Digital Talent Solutions for your Hiring Needs

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The X-Factor of Digital Talent Solutions for your Hiring Needs

When faced with an extremely competitive, candidate-driven talent market, what organisations need is a talent solution that ensures they get the right hires to drive business growth.
The X-Factor of Digital Talent Solutions for your Hiring Needs

Surviving the talent shortage will continue to be one of the critical priorities of businesses this year as the challenges to finding and securing the best talent remains. The hunt for hires was expected to get easier as geographical boundaries stopped being a limitation but it has only resulted in an extremely competitive candidate-driven talent market. This inevitably impacts the levels of skills and the potential for skill growth within the company while resulting in rising hiring costs. What was predicted to be a year of economic recovery following the withdrawal of the pandemic and an entry into hybrid work arrangements is now a fierce fight for talent. This fight in itself decides whether businesses will be able to achieve their growth targets and move ahead. 

Added to this is the disruptive era of digital transformation bringing about changes in job roles, skill demand as well as the introduction of new age technologies at the workplace. These technologies take charge of the talent management processes as well and add tremendous value to recruitment strategies in terms of reduced costs and increased efficiency. From addressing an organisation’s dynamic talent needs to implementing agile, innovative and flexible talent solution models, NLB Services becomes the digital talent solution that helps achieve this. 

Since the past two years, virtual hiring has been on the rise and is all set to become the dominant recruitment trend but with changing business models, hiring solutions also need to catch up and keep pace. Partnering with the right digital talent solutions provider and outsourcing your hiring processes will reap a number of benefits for your business, some of which are as follows:

Data-Driven Hiring to Close Skill Gaps: 

With organisations across the length and breadth of the country all set to hire massive numbers of fresh graduates, such planning will require incredible foresight on the part of recruiters. This is because each company will have its own unique skill gap to bridge. NLB Services uses data analytics to accurately predict the skill needs of the company and provide tailored business solutions. This ensures that the talent that gets hired is the best fit for the company and is enabled to drive the business ahead.

An End to End Hire-Train-Deploy Model for Effective Talent Pipeline:

Data analytics can help tailor a business’ talent pipeline according to the current and future skill needs. This is the first and most important stage for any organisation looking to hire because it ensures that they get the best of the options available in the talent market through dedicated sourcing and screening. But as we all know, talent acquisition is the beginning of the story. What comes after is hire readiness and onboarding.

The right partner will address all your talent needs, including candidate search, interviewing, onboarding and upskilling/reskilling. For instance, when partnering with clients from the IT and ITeS sectors, NLB Services deploys its NLL Academy instructors to not only conduct  immersive upskilling programs for the new recruits but also implements its robust learning management system to track progress and create a knowledge repository.

Faster, More Efficient Executive Hiring:

It would be safe to say that it is more difficult to fill senior management roles than to find fresh talent. Organisations often face a number of challenges when it comes to attracting the best of senior talent in the market. Businesses can benefit from an effective talent strategy that takes into account the new-age technologies affecting the business. Leadership positions are critical for business growth so it’s important that every business gets access to the best of available talent to fill up the gaps. 

In this incredibly competitive talent market, finding suitable resources that businesses need is far from an easy task. Which is why finding and choosing the right talent partner to accompany you on this journey is extremely important. NLB Services offers a range of talent solutions to ensure faster, more efficient hiring at multiple levels of the organisation and its greatest asset is ensuring that you get access to talent pools which are relevant to your business needs and tailored to fill in your most urgent skill gaps for the present and future. It is important to hire the right talent to drive business growth, it is as important to find the right talent partner and invest in the right digital talent solutions so that you get the talent you need. 

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