Article: Trends in hiring

Talent Acquisition

Trends in hiring

Traditional hiring practices have made way for newer & more effective processes setting new trends

Online Social Networks

Social media has turned out to be the biggest pool for companies to attract the best talent and stay ahead of the competition. Adequate investment in online social & professional networks has become a must for organizations. LinkedIn and other job search sites are catching up fast as Recruitment Process Outsourcers.

New Assessment Tools & Big Data

Big Data has been changing the recruitment processes in more than one way. Application Tracking System (ATS) helps employers sort out the candidate database on pre-set parameters. This allows technology to do half the work for you. It also makes it easy for the recruiters to access all the relevant information about the candidates creating unique candidate experience for all. Other assessment tools like Evolv, PeopleAnswers, etc. are catching up too.

Employer Brand Building

Social media has improved the connectivity between people. If someone gets an offer for a particular company, the person will search for relevant comments from current employees on social media. This has pushed employers towards establishing a respectable brand image & providing a good experience to current employees. This is considered as a part of the hiring process now and CHROs have become conscious about it. Developing an authentic brand by combining the recruitment plans with marketing plans has become a part of hiring strategies.

Candidate Personas

The iRecruit Expo in July 2013 greatly stressed on this trend. This means getting away from the traditional ‘Job Descriptions’ and creating customized ‘Candidate Personas’, which would be a perfect blend of the requirements of the job and traits of the top candidates. This ensures perfect match between skills and culture. This technique has recently been successful in grabbing the attention of a lot of qualified candidates worldwide.

Mobile Recruiting

Most organizations have not been investing much in this as yet but this indeed is an upcoming trend, still largely under-utilized. According to a survey by LinkedIn, around 59 per cent of the candidates use mobile to learn about opportunities and around 52 per cent of them apply online too. By focusing on mobile recruiting as well, companies could expand their talent pool & become visible to more passive candidates.

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