Article: CEO Alejandro Coca on using blockchain to cure healthcare's workforce crisis

Talent Acquisition CEO Alejandro Coca on using blockchain to cure healthcare's workforce crisis

With healthcare one of the most severely impacted industries in the pandemic and post-pandemic world, medical recruiters, employers, hospitals, and clinics have amplified their hiring efforts on a global scale. CEO Alejandro Coca on using blockchain to cure healthcare's workforce crisis

The medical sector is facing a major crisis from a crippling staff shortage even as it is already under huge pressure amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Being one of the most severely impacted industries in the post-pandemic world, medical recruiters, employers, hospitals and clinics are amplifying their hiring efforts on a global scale.

However, healthcare is one of the high-risk industries when it comes to hiring the right people. For every employee, a huge amount of personal information needs to be collected and stored in order to ensure that their identity, qualifications, and work experience are legitimate.  

Similarly, healthcare professionals who plan on developing a career abroad, must keep a few things in mind, for trouble-free processing of documents, travel, and safety.

People Matters spoke to Alejandro Coca, CEO of Dubai-based, a one-stop online career platform for healthcare professionals,  on the booming international markets for healthcare professionals, how the company is addressing the global healthcare professionals/workforce demand using blockchain and ways to navigate and scout for verified talent in the times of CV frauds.

Coca comes with rich experience of over 15 years in tech/ internet firms, business  development and entrepreneurship, Before, he held crucial positions at Amazon and UberEats and helped these tech giants to build, grow and scale, enabling them  to penetrate new markets, particularly in Southern Europe.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Booming international markets for healthcare professionals

There has been a global shortage of healthcare professionals since the pandemic hit health services across the world. Faced with overwhelming demand, hospitals have been trying to bolster their workforce, along with strengthening their resources in order to meet the growing strain placed upon the sector. As a result, healthcare hiring has increased exponentially around the world, particularly in the Middle East and Europe.

Employers, hospitals and clinics have amplified their hiring efforts on a global scale to widen their access to the best healthcare talent. With the coronavirus still affecting healthcare delivery, this demand is expected to continue.  

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), approximately 69,000 Indian-trained physicians worked in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia in 2017, and this number is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years in order to keep up with increasing demand.

While the international healthcare market offers attractive job opportunities, the average Indian healthcare professional may often be unaware of the process and this can result in them failing to secure a job abroad.

This is where organisations like lend a hand.

From all-inclusive blockchain-powered verification services and job opportunities to expert advice, licensing services and online learning, provides everything that healthcare professionals need to succeed.

Home to a growing member base of 300,000 healthcare professionals who have used it to apply for jobs, obtain their medical license, verify their documents, build their digital CV and connect with overseas employers,, a part of the DataFlow Group, has been a leader in verification and background screening partner for regulators and governments in Asia and Europe to deliver Primary Source Verification (PSV) for more than 1 million applicants since 2007.

Its diverse team is dispersed across the globe as it caters for roles all over the Middle East and Europe, with extensive focus on the UK.

Sourcing verified talent in times of CV fraud

Incorrect hiring procedures and inadequate employee verification can lead to legal complications and reputation damage. helps to resolve the issue by ensuring that there is a secure document verification and hiring process which enables professionals to present themselves as reliable and trustworthy.

Along with a high demand for healthcare staff, there is a critical need to verify certain credentials. provides a rigorous assessment process to ensure that the applicants' documentation is in order and that they meet the regulatory requirements for swift deployment into their new role.

Using blockchain to solve healthcare's workforce crisis

Geographies that are facing these extreme shortages look to international recruitment to help stem the shortfall in qualified healthcare staff. However, healthcare recruitment - and in particular, international healthcare recruitment - can be a long process as regulatory requirements, English language examinations and licensing processes must be completed ahead of relocation. One way to shorten the length of the recruitment process is to have any background verifications completed ahead of time and stored on the blockchain. provides users with a positively verified document with the ability to store it securely on the blockchain, guarding against any tampering, while the individual is free to access and share the verification with employers and recruiters. Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, this verification lasts for the lifetime of their career meaning that they do not need to re-verify their information every time they apply for a job.

Role of technology in the future of recruitment

As far as recruitment goes, technology can play a critical role in bringing efficiency and transparency, while providing the average healthcare worker with easy access to leading, global healthcare recruiters. They can apply for roles, verify their professional documents, process their medical license, get headhunted and build a digital CV in one place with the help of’s technology.

For recruiters, technology enables their access to a wide pool of global talent while facilitating ability to process and verify credentials, and also check the validity of verifications against the blockchain, ensuring that their new hires are qualified and equipped for the roles.

A technology-driven platform that simplifies the overseas job application process for healthcare professionals, can catalyse their career by unifying the services and resources, from recruitment to deployment, they need.

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