Article: Want to Hire The Best Talent? Engage with your potential employee

Talent Acquisition

Want to Hire The Best Talent? Engage with your potential employee

In the age of data-driven decision-making, it is imperative to be where your consumer is looking for you and say the right things.
Want to Hire The Best Talent? Engage with your potential employee

There are clues hidden in how online retailers work. For the upcoming festive season, retail giants are pumping in tons of advertising to prospective consumers; while online retailers are at it all year. Difference between online retailers and retailers is that online retailers proactively reach out to engage and influence their audience, while offline retailers would wait for a customer to walk-in. Just like companies pro-actively search for employees only when there are opportunities; while the real need is to keep them engaged all through. However, few business leaders think about engaging the best talent. Surprisingly though, the principles governing recruiting are the same as retail. Just like consumers help businesses grow, talent drives business, and it is critical for any growing business to hire the best talent.

A recently published LinkedIn report says that potential employees have started looking and are willing to hear you out. A whopping 91% of candidates are open to new job opportunities while 46% say that they feel flattered when recruiters reach out to them. It’s pretty much like coming to an Autumn-Winter collection and being offered a tempting preview sale. But companies are yet to step up.

A handful of companies are changing the conversation. Leading companies are aware that candidates are seeking more information through various channels. The survey ranks avenues that candidates use to get company information before applying for a job. The Company website comes on top with 48% candidates looking it up, while LinkedIn comes a close second at 44%. Search engines, Glassdoor, and their Company contacts are the other avenues they rely on.

Engaging with candidates at the right place is vital. According to the report, 63% candidates follow Companies on social media to stay aware of jobs. As many as 38% candidates said that LinkedIn played a significant role in their recent job switch. So it’s important to keep your pulse on these shifting attitudes.

Here are three ways to Engage & Influence your potential recruits on social media:

Grow them:

Add your company's LinkedIn follow button to your digital properties and email signature. The more followers you have, the more it seems that you’re doing something right. It is important for an organization to engage with relevant talent. It is important that organizations focus on strategies to acquire relevant followers.

Engage them:

Just as we buy a product from a known brand, candidates are likely to apply to a Company if they have engaged with their content before. Use status updates to inform, educate and entertain, and plug in job postings.

Make them your brand voice:

Go for employee advocacy. When your employees talk about you on LinkedIn, candidates, trust you. Ask employees to engage with your content on social media channels – it is more likely to get you positive word of mouth.

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn)

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