Article: The One Thing #14: Nurturing talent through diversity


The One Thing #14: Nurturing talent through diversity

Understand GenY and their concerns and identify factors that are likely to get them to contribute their best
The One Thing #14: Nurturing talent through diversity

GenY wants spot decisions and immediate gratification. They need to be helped to take long-term view of things and develop their own human capital

A lot of talent assessment was done in the past decade through various interventions like 360 degree feedback, assessment centres, engagement surveys and the like but developing and nurturing talent in the business context was weak. Investments in such assessments need to be converted into human capital assets for the organizations. This requires understanding the talent not only in the business context but also in the context of gender and generation diversity under one roof. We need to understand the unique contribution each individual can make to the corporation by virtue of their generation, age group and professional background, while gender differences need to be studied and nurtured. For example, a large part of our workforce may consist of GenY in their 20s and 30s. A relatively smaller but a significant part of it may consist of GenX (in their 40s and 50s), who have lots of experience. Gender difference in talent may or may not exist. Understanding the unique talent pool eac...
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Topics: #TalentAssessment, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations

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