Article: 17 startups that made an impact at People Matters TechHR Startup Program

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17 startups that made an impact at People Matters TechHR Startup Program

With People Matters TechHR Startup Program, these 17 startups got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a splash as they showcased their innovative solutions aimed at addressing the gaps in recruitment, finance and learning and development.
17 startups that made an impact at People Matters TechHR Startup Program

The market today is flooded with HR and work tech solutions designed to address challenges in hiring, recruitment, compliance, skill development and communication. But  which is the one that’s perfect for you and your organisation? At People Matters TechHR Startup Program, which has been instrumental in kickstarting the startup journey of many, this year was no different as we came across some of the most innovative startups making an impact in the world of work. Through renowned mentors, investors and CHROs at leading firms such as Gaurav Saini, HMD Global; Yuvaraj Srivastava, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo & RedBus; Krishna Raghavan, Flipkart; Renu Bohra, DB Schenker; Girish Menon, Swiggy; Ashwani Prashara, Reliance Industries Limited; Indrani Chatterjee; Allcargo Logistics; Savitha Shivsankar, Asian Paints and Amit Malik, WadzPay, 36 startups had the unique opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation, gain invaluable feedback to improve their business and solution, collaborate and network with over 2450 HR, business and talent leaders as well as 112 partners at People Matters TechHR India, Asia's largest HR and Work Tech conference. 

Find out what each of the startups had in store and how their unique solution helps address the obstacles and challenges for the future of work:


With the aim to process automation for the modern workforce, DocQ is a no code automation platform that empowers organisations to create dynamic workflows with an infinite array of embedded business logic, in just a few minutes. From onboarding, screening contracts to compliance and enhancing operational efficiency, it simplifies business processes effortlessly without the need to write a single line of code. Its many features include the decision engine, templates, reports, approvals, collaboration, one click forms, integrations, eSignatures, audit trails and notifications. 


Using bot based interviews, CredoHire is an AI co-pilot for talent assessment. Within 72 hours, the platform integrates APIs to generate highly contextualised video interview for candidates, that are evaluated and verified with actionable insights for hiring managers and recruiters. Deriving information from hundreds of data points, the platform helps with CV and JD parsing, automated scheduling, proctored bot interviews, joining probability and integrating with in-built ATS. So, leverage the power of Generative AI to deliver faster and better outcomes for a fraction of a cost with CredoHire. 


With the vision to create a platform to ‘find jobs and hire talent - all in one place,’ Techfynder is a global job portal that successfully bridges the gap between recruiters and quality candidates. All one needs to do is create their account, start their job search, apply to job roles based on one’s skills and abilities and voila, you are hired. Available in over 150 geographies, it is an efficient recruitment platform designed to simplify the hiring process, save valuable time, cut costs and grow revenue. Even recruiters can reduce pay-per-hire with their subscription model. 


With the purpose to make India financially fit, FinMapp co-founded by Kumar Binit and Pramod Chandrayan, offers a solution to conquer the obstacles by all those who lack financial literacy supported by cutting-edge technology. The platform helps with financial planning, protection, managing debt, executing investments, tracking financial health, education and tax planning. Through their easy-to-use mobile application that offers ample financial products, gain a detailed report to start making better financial decisions today. Take the journey to uncomplicate and detangle the financial world! 


With HYRGPT, your Generative AI buddy in recruitment, you can evaluate and interview your candidates within minutes rather than weeks. With the motto to ‘slash time to hire by 90 percent,’ this platform offers you the chance to hire better talent faster with cost effective recruitment. This platform is known to streamline and automate the processes involved in talent acquisition. So, gear up to revolutionise recruitment with lightning-fast evaluation and unparalleled accuracy as you unlock the potential of your talent pool. 


Said to be India’s largest online learning platform for engineers with over 2,00,000 students from across the country, Cynohub is an exclusive platform designed to hire India’s top talent. With the vision to help students and job seekers approach engineering concepts practically, the platform improves academic scores, develops skills, offers career guidance along with job placements. Engineers can now upskill themselves with in-demand industry courses taught by industry experts.

With 'compliance as a service', offers to manage an organisation’s data security with zero hassles and zero delays. A SaaS platform powered by automation and integrations, it is a one-stop solution necessary for startups and SMEs. The vision is to empower tech companies with easy access to global data compliances, along with consistently monitoring and managing tools, people and systems. For the co-founders, the wellbeing and happiness of the modern workspaces was and will always be paramount. 


Known to be the ‘A2Z of recruitment’, Recex is known to have helped over 1090 companies and 200000 job seekers get connected. The platform is built for recruitment exchange, a three-way marketplace to help companies find quality jobseekers through AI based tools and franchise partner networks. It’s a new-age recruitment consultancy for job seekers, employers and recruiters. So, find the best jobs and the brightest talent at Recex!

I’m Beside You

With the aim to create a society where individuals can visualise themselves as unique and irreplaceable through AI, I’m Beside You helps enhance team collaboration and cohesion. Established in 2020, the platform enables online communication tailored to each individual's personality. Through facial expressions, facial angles, line of sight, gestures and sound, the platform supports communication with AI integrated analysis and has been instrumental in education, sales, mental health, HR and several other industries. 


With the vision to meet aspirations at scale, Aspire was born to enable workforces to stay for longer, lead better work-life and eventually grow within organisations through the formation of unique workplace habits. The solution is known to help cultivate workplace habits that ultimately reduce attrition, improve L&D, regularise rewards and recognition, optimise systems and processes, increase productivity and performance and improve workplace satisfaction. From defining problem statement to curation of habits, gamification of habits, rewards redemption and perform review and support, Aspire solves employee-related problems for business impact. 


Hirex.AI, a no code voice AI platform for level one interviews creates inclusivity and fairness for every candidate applying for a job. An AI enabled talent management and engagement solution, it has features such as remote interviews with lip sync detection, WhatsApp chatbots, interview reminders, coding assignments, candidate engagement, search and resume parsing, ATS automation and fresh and university hiring. Co-founders Ugendreshwar Kudupudi and Sayyad Nayyaroddeen designed the startup to eliminate misunderstanding, inconsistencies and interviewer bias. So, stay ahead of the game with Hirex.AI. 

Interview Desk

With the vision to unlock opportunities and success, Interview Desk helps you find the perfect fit for your team with ease. Through the expertise of over 2000 expert panels from leading MAANG/FAANG companies, the platform urges recruiters to unleash the power of outsourcing interviews. Born out of a need to resolve the pain points in hiring and recruitment, Interview Desk offers speedy, detailed assessments and quicker turnaround time. So, take your first step to hire faster and better today!


With the sole aim to help organisations build their tech teams quickly and with ease, HireHunch, a full-stack solution was founded in 2020 by Nawal Mishra to improve hiring efficiency, optimise tech hiring funnel, standardise evaluations and deliver exceptional candidate experience. With over 100 customers across the world, it features HunchServe that outsources interviews and hiring, HunchVue that offers immersive video interviews and Hunch Assess which filters candidates with ease. So, settle for nothing less with HireHunch by your side!

Peer Fives

Unlock the full potential of your team with Peer Fives, which recognises and rewards employees great work right when it happens. The solution works on four key pillars: recognise, reward, redeem and celebrate with seamless Slack and MS Teams integration. Begin to reward your peers using Peer Fives to increase happiness and witness growth like never before!


Known to connect world's best software developers with global companies, Ellow.AI is transforming the global talent market by helping organisations in sourcing, vetting and matching extraordinary tech talents. With the promise of ‘Work with top 3 percent of tech talents in 24-48 hours’, the global talent marketplace platform has made remote hiring easy with smart sourcing, smart screening and smart matching. Co-founded by Jyothis Joseph, Sirish Kosaraju, Rajesh Padinjaremadam and Rinish Nalini, it features hiring, resource management and time tracking, invoices and payments along with contracts to help companies scale and stay competitive. 


A globally scaleable recruitment marketplace solution, Hiringhood productises various recruitment services by building a unique set of accelerated tech SaaS apps to help employers hire faster. With the aim to ‘harness the power of the crowd to fill job openings,’ it has helped recruiters maximise revenue, improve hit rate, secure ownership, pace the interview process with best-in-class curation. For founder and CEO Sarath Yandrapalli, the vision was to create a recruiters aggregation marketplace technology platform, powered by AI/ML for accelerated hiring and in the past few years, Hiringhood has been known as the premium bounty hunting and crowd sourcing recruitment company. 


With the vision to streamline the entire interviewing process from take home assignments to live interviews, Intervue helps organisation hire better people, faster. With live coding environment and built-in video calls, it features step by step analysis through interviews playbacks, code editor and execution, customised question bank, integrated audio/video calling, collaborative interviewer notes and remote panel interviews. So, simplify with Intervue now!

To find out more about the other 19 startups at the People Matters TechHR Startup Program, click here. 

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