Article: 7 ways to retain your best talent amid COVID-19

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7 ways to retain your best talent amid COVID-19

In today’s scenario when employees are constantly looking for better opportunities, especially with work from home in the COVID-19 pandemic, what can the employers do to retain the talent?
7 ways to retain your best talent amid COVID-19

Companies today understand the importance of talented employees. With ever-changing skillsets and requirements in different roles, it is hard to find a workforce that adapts to transformations and upskills. Moreover, after spending a certain time in the company, employees understand the way the company works and it becomes equally beneficial for the employers. But in today’s scenario when employees are constantly looking for better opportunities, especially with work from home in the COVID-19 pandemic, what can the employers do to retain the talent? Well, there is a lot of emphasis on mental health, work culture, growth, timely appraisals, etc. Employees don’t settle for less and they shouldn’t have to. As employers, companies need to ensure that they meet the basic expectations of their employees. Further, in order to retain and manage talent, here are some tips that will help in the longer run:    

One-on-one discussions

Personal meetings between employees and managers are a great first step. Not only does it allow the managers to engage with their teams, but it also helps them to ensure that the employees are feeling comfortable and making progress. 

Although one-on-one interactions have always been important, the pandemic has made it vital since most employees work remotely. Managers and higher-ups must have discussions that demonstrate empathy and show employees that their jobs are secure while respecting the changes they’re being forced to accept.

Flexibility goes a long way

Flexibility has gained prominence in recent times due to the pandemic, but it has a  different meaning for every individual. For instance, it’s almost certain that some employees live with family members or have kids who are all studying or working remotely in the same environment. Hence, constant video meetings or calls could hinder the work of their family members. Thus, managers need to talk to their teams and ensure that meetings are held at a time that suits everyone. This brings everyone on the same page and helps the employees balance their work/personal life without any pressure.

Offer Benefits

Benefits don’t just mean higher salaries. Well, it’s more than fair that employees are paid well for their services but providing some additional benefits would also be helpful. After all, why would someone give up a job that offers them value for their time and effort? Taking into consideration the current situation, employers can offer paid leave for those who are sick or need to take care of a family member who is sick at this time. Employers can even provide their employees with benefits like flexible working hours, healthcare coverage, to name a few.

Make use of technology

With so many digital tools available for video calling and communicating with employees, managers can use them to collaborate, teach, learn, and interact with employees. However, they must ensure that technology doesn’t take away the human touch. Therefore, use technology to aid interactions and not to replace them. For example, don’t send out multiple messages in a day just because it’s easier. Instead, call or have a video meeting when necessary.

Organize activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Times are hard enough even without the work stress in the mix. So, boost your employee’s morale and cheer them up with fun activities. Encourage employees to have a conversation that doesn’t involve work and organize contests. This will show them that you don’t just view them as a workhorse.

Invest in their learning

Investing in your employees is a way of reinvesting in your own company. Plus, the world is changing as we speak and people need constant training to keep up with the trends. It’s also cheaper, quicker, and more efficient to educate your current employees than hiring new ones since existing employees are already familiar with the company.


Go all-in on recognition. It has always been important to recognize your employees’ hard work and dedication, and the pandemic has only amplified the need to do so. Communication is key during these times, and expressing your appreciation towards the employees can go a long way. However, avoid using a general recognition message. Personalize it by offering individual appreciation. Remember that kind words are free but the impact they have is priceless. 

As we navigate through choppy waters, we need to focus on creating lasting work relationships. We must focus on human needs and create a healthy, effective workplace environment. Retention will not be an issue if employees are treated right and feel like they are a part of the family. When the company is battling the tide, it’s mostly the employees who are in the position to help. Thus, you should ensure that you set your employees up for success in every way possible rather than just looking at them as a cog.


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