Article: Agility of the HR will emerge as game-changer

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Agility of the HR will emerge as game-changer

In an interaction with People Matters, Ankush Puri, Business Head - India at Lee Hecht Harrison talked about the talent development trends and challenges, the impact of automation, and how HR will help organizations to tide through all such changes
Agility of the HR will emerge as game-changer
Ankush Puri is the Business Head at Lee Hecht Harrison – India. The organization offers talent mobility solutions throughout the entire employee lifecycle – from on-boarding, through career and leadership development, engagement and retention to redeployment and transition. Puri’s 18-years of experience maps almost the entire HR spectrum from organization development to performance and talent management, change management and leadership consulting. At LHH, his responsibilities include business profitability through effective client consulting and associate management. Apart from this, he is also an OD Consultant involved in driving Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Assignments nationally. Q: What are the talent development trends in India? A: Talent Development in India is entering a new space. To a very large extent it gets defined by the following: Talent Demand Supply equation: For e.g. the Trump effect will alter the demand supply equation for the IT...
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