Article: COVIDex: Find and fix the moments that matter

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COVIDex: Find and fix the moments that matter

Participate in #EXWeek and fix the moments that matter in employee experience.
COVIDex: Find and fix the moments that matter

Most companies address ‘Moments that Matter’ with a decades-old, top-down approach. This paradigm is based on treating workers alike and having HR serve as the primary conduit to a standard set of work-related experiences including recruiting, onboarding, training, promotion, and retirement. As work and workforces have grown more complex, it is clear that ‘Moments that Matter’ does not occur solely at specified career milestones. 

This tweetchat will see industry speakers answering some of the most burning questions pertaining to creating an employee experience in the times of pandemic. 

The tweetchat discussion will center around creating the critical moments of employee experience on a continual basis like workplace design, sharing feedback, growth opportunities, measuring the experience outcome, etc.

The tweetchat will address the following questions:

  • What are ‘moments that matter’ in employee experience?
  • How do you identify the moments that matter in your employee experience?
  • What are some of the key benefits of a ‘moments that matter’ approach?
  • How are you leveraging technology to create moments that matter?
  • How are you creating moments that matter in the context of COVID-19?
  • What is that one area of the employee life cycle where you want to create/amplify your efforts in creating moments that matter?


Block your calendar here to participate in this tweetchat, COVIDex: Find and fix the moments that matter.

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