Article: Day 4: HiPo Week Exclusive Masterclass & Webinar

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Day 4: HiPo Week Exclusive Masterclass & Webinar


Following on the footsteps of its predecessors, the fourth day of the HiPo week hosted another exciting range of events with a Masterclass in Bangalore and a Webinar
Day 4: HiPo Week Exclusive Masterclass & Webinar

Following on the footsteps of its predecessors, the fourth day of the HiPo week hosted another exciting range of events. The first was an exclusive masterclass session in Bangalore where industry leaders came up with some more fresh range of ideas on “Customising the HiPo career map”; following which we went online, with a masterclass webinar on “Driving a high potential culture.” 

The discussion in Bangalore continued where it was left off in Mumbai on Day 3. More than 15 leaders from the HR industry participated in the exclusive session sharing insights on the roadmap for organisations to ensure scalable creation of customised career maps that are mutually beneficial to organisations and HiPos. Questions on ensuring consistency between message and action for HiPos and aligning organisation’s structure, policies and processes to HiPo’s career maps were raised and answered, as Shakun Khanna facilitated the masterclass once again.

Another intriguing set of questions was raised in the webinar revolving around HiPo culture. Divya Jain, Associate Vice President, Right Management India and Hardeep Singh, Associate Vice President, Right Management India, presented the webinar centred at the importance of organisational culture to drive High Potentials further. The challenge of organisations isn’t solved post identifying and developing HiPo programs; sustaining a culture of HiPos is a challenge in its own right, argued Divya.

The importance of building a HiPo culture can be stemmed from the fact that “only one in seven high performers is a high potential employee,” said Hardeep. The establishment of the problem was followed by a round of suggestions and solutions. The elements of building a high potential culture were tabled, such as – an effective and transparent process, a conducive organisational climate, leadership capability, and sustained communication. Corroborating this, Divya stated that these elements aren’t limited to theory, as their impact had been assessed by Right Management in three cases across different businesses.

The elements were discussed by the presenters in detail with the audience, and the latter’s views were also taken into consideration in the form of polls and comments. Solutions such as having a significant reward strategy for HiPos, an intensive development journey for HiPos, agility in processes, creating an enabling environment, giving leadership support, and communicating clearly every step of the way was what the audience left with as lessons from another riveting session. 

The penultimate day of the HiPo week came to a close with a stimulating question answer session among the presenters and an engaged audience. The conversation mode will stay on when the final day initiates with another exclusive masterclass session in Gurgaon, and a tweet chat in the evening. Stay tuned. 

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