Article: Emerging HR Tech Startups: Bitpupil, eTeki, Eidolon

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Emerging HR Tech Startups: Bitpupil, eTeki, Eidolon

While the training market in India is touted to touch Rs 3,200 crore in revenue by 2020, the spend on technology in recruitment industry is going to touch Rs 500 crore by the same year.
Emerging HR Tech Startups: Bitpupil, eTeki, Eidolon

Learning and development and recruiting the right talent are two key aspects of the HR function. While hiring comes at the first stage of talent management, learning and development usually comes at a stage which corroborates with skilling and re-skilling. Technology is changing the way we learn and also the way we recruit. While old methods are slowly being chucked out for more automated processes, it is but natural for various HR experts to re-imagine these functions.

In this article on emerging HR tech start-ups, we talk about three such organizations which are trying to evolve the way organizations pursue recruitment and learning. With MOOCs, micro-learning, mobile delivery, webinars, hangouts, wearable tech, personalization in the learning arena, the HR learning thread is growing at a break-neck speed. According to research, corporate training market revenue is expected to reach at Rs 3,200 crore by 2020. The industry is likely to be driven by the emerging MSMEs and start-ups. Similarly, the spend on technology around recruitment industry in India is going to touch $5 billion or Rs 500 crore by 2020.

People Matters TechHR’17 designed a mentorship program for 27 emerging HR Technology start-ups at the TechHR Spotlight program. The initiative aimed at providing a platform for start-ups to have access to a wide audience and mentors including investors and senior HR and business leaders. This year it was bigger and better, as these emerging HR Technology start-ups across Asia gave elevator pitches to explain their idea, technology, and business model to the mentors during the conference.


Startup Name: Bitpupil Technologies Pvt Ltd (eSleave)

Incorporation: 2015

Team size: 5 to 10 people

Raised funding: Not raised capital

Client size: Between 10 to 20 companies

About product offering: eSLEAVE - Create Responsive, Interactive & Multilingual Educational Content, Games, Simulations, and Assessments for any device.

Key problems addressed by the technology: Productivity Performance Engagement Customization Multilingual Collaboration Tracking WYSIWYG

Elevator Pitch: eSLEAVE is an authoring system for developing e-learning and mobile learning. In the past few years, e-learning industry has undergone major transformation – especially from the shift from Flash player to HTML5. HTML5 has become the standard base when it comes to technology since almost everyone uses android applications and smartphones for communication. So,  the main idea was to create a platform where you can do anything in the learning space. eSLEAVE allows designers and developers to use a web-browser based ID to create rich and multimedia content. However, creating a course on HTML5 also comes with its challenges – it might not run on different devices, the performance is jerky. Also, one needs to create multiple languages courses separately. eSLEAVE tackles all these problems. The Customers of eSLEAVE fall in 3 categories – e-learning products, corporates, and publishers.


Startup Name: eTeki Inc

Incorporation: 2014

Team size: 20 to 50 people

Raised funding: Yes, less than USD 25,000

Client size: Between 10 to 20 companies

About product offering: Online technical Interviewing Platform

Key problems addressed by the technology: Avoid bad hires, saves time, right fitment to the job role, interviewed by top technical panel

Elevator Pitch:  eTeki is a technical interviewing service company which takes care of the entire recruiting life cycle in IT. With about 2000+ global freelance talent pool, the company's expertise lies in optimizing the recruitment process in the IT sector.  All the interviews are recorded and shared with the company. If need be, the companies can also be a part of the interview process. Companies just need to give eTeki a detailed job description to start the hiring process. Already working with ten organizations in the tech sector, eTeki believes that the current upheaval in the IT sector requires a lot of in-depth tech evaluation which might be cumbersome for various organizations. eTeki works on two different models – pay per interview and subscription-based. They also offer three trials for free to check if eTeki can add value to the company. eTeki helps the organization to hire top technical talent, increase candidate satisfaction, unify speed & quality for technical recruiters and improve hiring manager's return on interviews.


Startup Name: Eidolon Learning Pvt Ltd (SeekApp)

Incorporation: 2014

Team size: 10 to 20 people

Raised funding: Yes, less than USD 25,000

Client size: Less than ten paid companies

About product offering: Brings together technology & behavioral-management science to help any organization starting a major change initiative or seeking to create an engaged workforce

Key problems addressed by the technology: Change Management, Culture Building & Organizational Alignment thru employee engagement

Elevator Pitch:  The need to encourage learning, and promote a culture that values skills and knowledge has never been more important. SeekApp is a tailor-made technology platform that demonstrates behavioral change, builds skill, increases employee engagement resulting in a high-performance culture. SeekApp helps the organizational culture by bringing conversations to the required change. E.g.: most organizations want to create a higher sense of ownership among employees. Yet, there is a gap. SeekApp tries to address this gap. SeekApp validates lasting behavioral changes along with skill building. The analytics helps organizations to make informed decisions, link and measure benefits to business results, the commitment of a minimum 70% engagement, and customize content as per the situation. SEEK aims to actualize the core values of an organization through intellectual rigor, continuous learning and sustained practice, thereby reducing valuable downtime.

(Note: This is the first account in the series of HR Tech Startups that People Matters will publish in the next few days. There is no ranking involved. The information about start-ups is as per a submission and presentation by startups at the People Matters TechHR Spotlight program)

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