Article: Enable, engage, transform: A new-age approach to HR Management Systems

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Enable, engage, transform: A new-age approach to HR Management Systems

It's important to make the people analytics more “people” friendly, holistic & predictive
Enable, engage, transform: A new-age approach to HR Management Systems

In the Industry 4.0 era, what is driving the evolution of People Management? 

It’s the confluence of intuitive technology and insightful HR leadership. Both are necessary parts of the same equation. Having one without the other can result in an imbalance in a company's people strategy. 

This is the value of the modern HR Management System: on the one hand, technology makes people process smarter, and, on the other, talent decisions are guided by facts and information-based analytics. This core philosophy forms the foundation of HONO and its definitive technology suite, built for today’s People Management needs.

“At HONO, we have always advocated that the key indicator for a high-performing team is the simple term ‘happiness’, which then leads to improved engagement & productivity,” said Mukul Jain, CEO of HONO. “ Two long years of the pandemic has made the world agree!” 

COVID amplified many things – from moving to a talent economy to managing a global workforce with diverse needs, ensuring employee productivity in hybrid models, and to adopting the latest technologies. 

The growing need for an agile and intelligent technology solution–one focused on employee happiness & experience has become the need of the hour, and that is the sweet spot for HONO. HONO is, today, uniquely positioned with its single source of truth solution, which helps drive the dual themes of happiness & productivity.

The platform

The platform, serving as a single source of truth – is not a fragmented system. It is a modular stack-based solution, which gives users the benefit of easily customising solutions to suit their needs. It gives them the benefit of scaling up, whether they have 500, 5,000 or 500,000 employees in their organisation. The system scales to their needs.

“We are a future-ready, AI-enabled, new-age employee experience platform which makes transactions for all people processes easier for employees, managers & HR; freeing up their time for business critical activities,” said Mukul Jain, Founder and CEO of HONO. 

HONO’s New Age HRMS is equipped with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and prescriptive & predictive data analytics. This helps businesses in gaining visibility into talent requirements, as well as workforce trends and patterns in real-time, helping them realise transformational opportunities.

Other than the Technology, what is also impressive is the fact that the company’s solutions are designed by seasoned HR professionals for HR practitioners.

At the helm of HONO’s management team, you’ll find Rajesh Padmanabhan, Mukul Jain, Georgie Antony, Randeep Singh and other seasoned professionals who not only have the technical expertise needed to design digital HR solutions but who also speak the language of people leadership. They understand the challenges, opportunities and milestones of success in the profession.

HONO HRMS platform is designed with the objectives of improving collaboration and happiness in the workplace and thereby achieving significantly better business outcomes.

How does this translate into its signature brand of technology, driving end-to-end employee experience?

Enable, Engage, Transform: The HONO Solution


 The best talent strategies begin even before a potential hire joins the company, and it extends even after they leave. HONO's Hire to Retain solution maps out a company's interactions with people, right from the moment when the first encounter takes place as candidates to the time they leave the company. The system enables employers to:

● Identify talent through résumé parsing and support candidates and new joiners throughout the screening and onboarding process

● Facilitate and address the everyday needs of employees, from check-ins and shift management leave and payroll tracking

● Foster employees' continuous growth through regular feedback and development discussions

● Maintain positive relationships and open communication channels with former employees through an alumni network


Organisations today need to embrace different talent strategies and create workplaces that support onsite, remote and hybrid working. It is important for employers to understand the concerns of their workforce and map an effective path forward.

What is critical for leaders now is to have their fingers on the pulse of the workforce so that proactive actions can be initiated.  Companies that strike the right balance between business needs and employee expectations will be better positioned to navigate an uncertain future. 

In today’s talent market, with the significant scarcity of talent, it is absolutely critical for organisations to understand and measure the pulse of the organisation on an ongoing basis and take immediate remedial actions. Responding to and anticipating such a need, HONO, after significant research and analyses, introduced an AI-backed employee engagement & sentiment tracking platform called HONO PULSE, which is assisting leaders with analytical dashboards and nudges for actions.

The HONO Pulse suite of solutions includes constant pulse checks & surveys to give employers visibility into the sentiments, views and possible pain points of employees at work.

The HONO Social platform encourages greater collaboration and camaraderie among employees by giving them a digital avenue for expression similar to mainstream social and professional networking sites. Through this channel, employees can exchange ideas – even documents, photos and notes – in real time the same way they would post ideas in online communities.

Engage focuses on understanding employee sentiment in real-time and helping leaders act on the employee signals while also giving employees a feeling of a cohesive workplace from anywhere. Be it Rewards, collaboration, games, or pulse checks,  the solution Engages the New age employees of today. 

“Transform, our unique futuristic AI-enabled module, pioneers innovations in the area of predictive analytics and supports early interventions,” said Mukul 


HONO paves the way for organisations to enjoy continued success by giving them “a clear line of sight into transformational opportunities in real time”. 

HONO’s AI Backed HRMS enables HR and Business Leaders to leverage real-time, descriptive, prescriptive & predictive insights into talent strategies that can help transform their businesses

Technology and Analytics

It's important to make the people analytics more “people” friendly, holistic & predictive. At HONO, care is taken to ensure that the analytics is simple, easy to comprehend and actionable.  Product teams along with senior HR Leaders, put in hours to create the most logical framework that articulates the connections between talent and strategic success, as well as the principles and conditions that predict individual and organisational behaviours. 

For example, beyond providing numbers that describe attrition trends, improved logic @ HONO describes who is likely to leave & how it might affect the talent pipeline within the organisation; we also have an AI-enabled unique solution for Absenteeism Management – which predicts absenteeism & offers auto replacements.

“HONO's AI-powered sentiment analytics empowers employers to respond effectively to any change in the outlook and engagement levels of employees,”  said Mukul.

“If your systems do not talk to each other, you'll end up juggling between spreadsheets and reports just to collate that data. There is a lot of manual, error-prone work. In the case of HONO, you can look at the organization's health metrics broken down to the last level with a single click, so it makes HR a forward-looking, business-enabling function.” Mukul said.

“Talent analytics should therefore become a business prerogative and not just an HR construct. This will be possible if HR leaders are able to build and showcase the strong business advantage that HR dashboards and similar talent technology tools add. This will help gain a continued buy-in with the CXO suite and ensure sustained commitment to becoming a tech-forward talent organisation.” Added Mukul  

One size fits one

While most enterprise technology providers typically offer a universal solution to HR and workforce challenges, HONO goes the extra mile by championing its signature 'one size fits one approach.

To date, HONO has witnessed a nearly 100% adoption rate among clients' employees, and this lends credence to HONO's commitment to incorporating specific customer requirements in designing digital solutions.

“We understand organisations and their unique requirements – and that helps us adapt and create a solution that is best suited to them,” said Mukul.

HONO has over 300 + brands and more than 1 million users on their future-ready AI-backed platform with clients like Indigo Airlines, Spencer’s, Dainik Bhaskar Group, Kanmo Group, NBC Bearings, Aakash Byju’s, Kohler, Eveready, Allen, Yokohama Tires… to name a few. HONO, after raising the Series-A funding earlier this year, has recently bagged the “ET Most Promising Brand-2022” award.

“It’s an acknowledgement both of our brand HONO and of the HR-tech vertical that we champion, a collective thumbs-up for the effort to use future-ready technology in the service of people-centric business transformations. We are happy to be one of the most exciting brands in India today, and we know that we will more than live up to our promise,” said a visibly pleased Mukul Jain,

Are you ready to embark on your HR transformation journey? Get the best HR Management System only from HONO. •

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