Article: How HR is facilitating business transformation in GE

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How HR is facilitating business transformation in GE

Heather Wang, VP HR, GE Global Growth Organization (GGO)and GE Global Talent Acquisition (GTA) on how GGO is a critical element of GEs long term strategy, building GE synergy, moving to an integrated talent strategy and the renewed focus on becoming a digital industrial company.
How HR is facilitating business transformation in GE

When you are trying to shift the gravity from where you have critical mass to a new space, you need a push from the top to make things happen


We now have a taskforce wherein business leaders and talent acquisition teams work as a unit to go over the digital recruiting strategies and activities

Heather (Xiaojun) Wang is the Vice President, Human Resources at GE Global Growth Organization (GGO) and GE Global Talent Acquisition (GTA). With a career spanning 22 years in the organization, Heather has held leadership positions within GE Lighting, GE Capital, GE International, GGO and GE Corporate. In January 2011, Heather assumed the HR Leadership role for GGO, and took the additional responsibility to lead GTA in November 2013. Prior to joining GE, Heather had 10 years of extensive business and HR management experiences, including working for China International Trust & Investment Corp. (CITIC) and AT&T Beijing Fiber Optic Cable Co. She holds an M.B.A. from Rutgers University in New Jersey and is Black Belt certified in Six Sigma. GE Global Growth Organization (GGO) started in 2011 wherein you assumed the role of the HR leader. What really was the mandate of GGO and what triggered the development of the organization? The mandate behind GGO was to help GE move faster in m...
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