Article: How StartupHR Toolkit is streamlining HR for fast-growing companies

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How StartupHR Toolkit is streamlining HR for fast-growing companies

The complete pack of ready-to-use HR documents needed by every early-stage business owner in one place. Continue reading for the full story.
How StartupHR Toolkit is streamlining HR for fast-growing companies

Whether you are managing a 10-person start-up or a fast-growing SME, managing your people operations can become a crucial challenge if you don’t have a dedicated HR team.


The Covid-led business disruption accelerated digital transformation efforts for several companies, and many new companies required people management expertise.

Many founders spend most of their time developing their product or service, fine-tuning their messaging, and determining product-market fit. While hiring the right, passionate people is critical to their success, and businesses frequently disregard the legally binding practices required to run their daily operations.

"If business owners needed HR documents, they'd frequently just google it, ask their HR contact, or prepare it themselves," said Waqar Azmi, CEO of StartupHR Toolkit. "However, the key challenge was a lack of knowledge about whether you have a legally compliant document that complies with the most recent regulations."

The idea

The StartupHR Toolkit, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive package of key HR documents, policies, letters, and calculators, was launched to tackle this challenge.  

“The idea behind StartupHR Toolkit is to make HR Documentation an easy and quick process. Today, more than 25000+ organisations are using StartupHR Toolkit. We started working on the idea in 2019, did a soft launch in Nov 2019, and launched full-fledge around February 2020,” he added.

The company has compiled over 2000+ HR Docs from experienced HR professionals & lawyers in the industry. All of the documents are legally compliant and are up-to-date. There are currently two plans on offer: a standard plan and a gold plan, which is a premium offering.

The standard plan only provides 2000+ Ready-to-use HR documents for one year of access. However, after the success of the standard plan, there was a strong demand for consulting services, so a gold plan was launched. It allowed clients to access consultations from expert lawyers & HR professionals. In addition, clients get various add-ons, such as Free Updated Docs For Lifetime, Free Customized HR Policies, Free Setup of Your HR Function, and a Dedicated Account Manager.

"Having access to a toolkit like the StartupHR Toolkit makes an HR person's job easier, even when they have extremely lean HR teams," Waqar said. In addition, the gold plan allows employers to tweak or customise it based on their specific needs.

StartupHR Toolkit Survey 

According to a survey by the company, after the final interview round, every candidate takes more than seven days to be onboarded by the company. It is because the company first sends an offer letter, to which the employee sends his written confirmation of joining, after which the company issues the appointment letter. To shorten this lengthy procedure, so they created a document called an "Advance Offer Letter" that combines all three items listed above. As a result, the document enabled many companies to onboard employees within two days.

Similarly, they found a solution to the common problem faced by HR professionals, i.e., "Attrition Rate." They provided advanced excel sheets to companies to understand the root cause, and the consultants helped them to find ways to fix the persistent issues. 

The documents are divided into sections that cover the entire employee lifecycle:

  • Employee onboarding and recruitment
  • Job descriptions and legal documentation
  • HR letters, training module, records, and format
  • Employee policies, compensation, and engagement
  • R&R and performance management processes - Exit process, HR and company forms

Documents are available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF formats.

Beyond documents: 

The benefit of using a service like the StartupHR Toolkit is that a company can access the latest periodically updated documents. 

The company aims to have served over 35,000 customers in two and a half years. It also intends to expand its reach to 10,00,000 people.

"It's a product that can greatly simplify the day-to-day job of an HR professional, saving time, money, and effort," Waqar said.

Speaking of plans for the future, Waqar envisions the toolkit evolving into a kind of “Startup Deal,” an HR B2B marketplace that could enable start-ups to access special deals on various software offerings, including payroll, insurance, wellness, etc.

The standard plan costs Rs. 3,499, while the gold plan costs Rs. 14,999. For more information, click here.

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