Article: Tune in to developing talent in the niche media industry

Talent Management

Tune in to developing talent in the niche media industry

The HR departments need to create a framework which is comprehensive and easy to implement and scale with the growing size of the organization.
Tune in to developing talent in the niche media industry

A company is only as strong as the quality and alignment of its talent. In today’s time when talent attraction and retention continue to be a challenge a great deal of emphasis should be put on making these, a strategic priority for the HR bosses.

Talent Management is a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives. The HR departments need to create a framework which is comprehensive and easy to implement and scale with the growing size of the organization.

Some initiatives which can be a part of the comprehensive talent management framework of an organization are listed below:

Constant Talent development

Excellent organizations don't believe in only excellence but in constant improvement and change. Talent development should be a firm’s key focus. Keeping the employees abreast with the latest developments in the industry and upgrading their knowledge to survive the fierce competition is imperative. Equally important is development of their behavioural skills. When it comes to skill enhancement of employees, only the best is what one should choose for people, from International Industry Experts to country’s best coaches. The focus should always be on constant value addition and progression.

People also need to be given an opportunity to choose what skills they would like to work on and enhance, and organisations can look at aiding their choices through, may be, sponsorship for relevant programs at best institutes within the country and abroad.

Long-term retention

With the objective of keeping critical employees from leaving and reducing turnover, attractive long term retention schemes are a must have. Employee Stock Options scheme is one such option available to organisations to serve this objective.

Mentorship Programs

Gone are the days of tackling Gen Y, we are now dealing with Gen Z. It is tough to decide who can make an impact on their fresh minds. Selecting internal people carefully on the basis of their experience and people understanding is the way to go. Since these people have seen the system and know the details well, they are the best to mentor Gen Z.

Constant Influx of fresh talent

Trained talent in the media/radio industry is always scarce and that makes it extremely critical for media/radio companies to have in-house programs to hire, train and deploy talent consistently without loss of time and with exceptional cost-efficiency. Trainee programs ensure that companies always have a bench of talent which they train and deploy as per their requirements. Since these programs ensure internal training of resources, they are most apt and cost-effective

Robust Performance Management

Here is another critical one which impacts the overall performance of the organization. The overall performance of the organization is a sum total of the productivity level of each of its members. Performance Management is a tool designed to assist in setting up and managing the process of monitoring, analyzing, evaluating, and reporting progress toward achieving the desired productivity levels so that the organizations’ objectives are fully met without any compromises. It is like a barometer of the organization’s success and thus becomes a core function of the Human Resources teams.

There are specialised roles like copywriters and promo producers in the radio business where finding trained talent is a constant challenge for the recruiters. It gets specific to the extent of the language in which the copies and promos are to be made and because of this; people to handle profiles like these are a rare find. Unless they are managed, developed and retained well through such initiatives, their high turnover can impact business adversely.

It is safe to assume that Talent management is a business strategy that will enable organizations to retain their top talented employees. Just like employee involvement or employee recognition, it is the stated business strategy that will ensure the attraction of top talent in competition with other employers. 

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