Article: Tweetchat on Growth & Scale: How talent-ready is your organization?

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Tweetchat on Growth & Scale: How talent-ready is your organization?

SME talent week Tweetchat on growth and scale garnered vital views on talent readiness of an organization. Take a sneak-peek at some of the interesting tweets made by eminent HR leaders.
Tweetchat on Growth & Scale: How talent-ready is your organization?

For an organization to scale- up, it needs to plan on number of factors such as designing new business-models, building and delivering market-fit products and services and having access to the right funding and much more. But the most crucial factor amongst them  is the people, who are competitive edge for growing organizations 

Reflecting on the subject, People Matters organized a Tweetchat titled, “Growth & Scale: How talent ready is your organization?” We received number of viewpoints from Industry leaders who spoke about biggest talent challenges of growing organizations and how to crack the talent code in small and medium cap enterprises.

Q1. According to research, most early-stage enterprises lack the will and ambition to scale. How do leaders build that? How to spread it down to the organization?

Q2. As organizations scale-up, how can one decide if they should build capabilities from within or hire talent from external sources? When to build and when to buy?

Q3. How can fast growing organizations build a strong leadership pipeline and a succession process that works?

Q4. What are the practical tips to crack team alignment as organizations scale up?


Q5. What role can technology and analytics play in creating a smart & agile people function with less investment?

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