Article: 2018 will be the year of HR Data theft


2018 will be the year of HR Data theft

If 2018 becomes the year of HR data theft, make sure, you are not the victim
2018 will be the year of HR Data theft
Very recently, a disgruntled Twitter employeei on his last day of work deactivated the Twitter account of Donald Trump. This, although an isolated example of what employees can do to organization’s data or confidential information, simply tells us that no individual or company is safe from breaches or cyber threats – big or small. We all know that data is the new oil!  But if data is the new oil, it comes with a new price — of data manipulation and breach!  And that’s why you need to make sure that the oil pipe is not leaking! The digital world runs on data and allows an organization to create an offering that is specific to an individual. When you use Google to search for something, the results that show up vary depending on the browser you use, your location and if you have signed in to Google or not. The data collected from billions of users allows Google to sell advertisements that are intended to appeal to the individual user.  Breached tod...
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