Article: 2023: Game-changing tech tools for business launched this year


2023: Game-changing tech tools for business launched this year

From ChatGPT to Murf, Dall-E 3,, and more, these remarkable tech tools launched in 2023 have significantly aided professionals in their daily tasks and business operations.
2023: Game-changing tech tools for business launched this year

2023 undeniably stands out as a technologically advanced year, characterised by the launch of highly efficient tools reshaping our work landscape. These innovations haven't just revolutionised our workflow; they've also augmented workforce productivity by automating redundant tasks. 

While some tools sparked discussions owing to privacy concerns, others were warmly embraced and appreciated for their offerings. As we approach the year's end, it's an opportune moment to reflect and compile a collection of the most influential tools that seamlessly integrated into our work routines. Thus, we've curated a comprehensive list of game-changing tech tools for business that debuted in 2023.

Top tech tools that launched in 2023

1. GPT-4 

GPT-4 from OpenAI emerged as a significant AI model in 2023, renowned for its excellence in verbal reasoning and simplifying intricate concepts. In a notable update, users gained the ability to interact with the model via voice and images, allowing GPT-4 to describe picture contents in natural language. While primarily accessible to ChatGPT Plus users, there are avenues to utilise GPT-4 freely through tools like Bing, HuggingFace, Poe, and more.

2. Pictory

Pictory serves as an AI video generator, simplifying video creation and editing without requiring prior video editing or design experience. Using a script or article as a foundation, it transforms written content into engaging videos suitable for various platforms like social media or websites. Its cloud-based nature allows seamless use across different computers.

Additionally, Pictory facilitates easy text-based video editing, ideal for refining webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and similar content. This user-friendly tool swiftly produces professional outcomes, aiding audience growth and brand development. Notably, it enables the creation of shareable video highlight reels, perfect for trailers or brief clips on social media. Alongside these functionalities, Pictory also offers automated video captioning and summarization for convenience.

3. GitHub Copilot 

GitHub Copilot, a cloud-based AI tool developed by GitHub (Microsoft) and OpenAI, aids developers in writing code efficiently. Launched in 2021, its general availability was announced in November 2023 for users of Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains integrated development environments (IDE). According to Harshit Gupta, Head of Acies Consulting, “Copilot offers contextualised assistance across the software development lifecycle, supporting code completions in the IDE and providing explanations in GitHub.

This tool aims to streamline coding processes, allowing developers to focus on problem-solving and collaboration while minimising efforts on repetitive or standard code.” With over 37,000 businesses worldwide adopting GitHub Copilot, it stands out as a widely preferred AI developer tool, as indicated by the Stack Overflow 2023 Survey, where 55% of respondent developers chose it over alternatives like Tabnine and AWS CodeWhisper.

4. Murf

Murf stands out among AI text-to-speech generators, widely preferred by professionals like product developers, educators, podcasters, and business leaders. It boasts an expansive library of over 100 voices in 15 languages, offering customisation options for accents, voice styles, and speaker preferences. Users can effortlessly craft voice-overs using its intuitive interface and integrated video editor. Murf provides expressive speaking styles and allows fine-tuning of pitch, speed, volume, and pronunciation, making it a versatile tool for creating impactful audio content.

5. Dall-E 3 

OpenAI's Dall-E 3 has evolved into an advanced AI image generation tool since its inception by OpenAI's Aditya Ramesh. Previously limited, it's now accessible to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. This innovative tool simplifies image creation, eliminating the need for technical expertise or coding skills, enabling anyone to generate images using simple text prompts.

6. Meta’s Code Avatars 

Meta has been working on Codec Avatars since 2019, aiming to create lifelike avatars for the metaverse, accessible through Meta’s Quest headsets. Harshit Gupta from Acies Consulting explained, “Codec Avatars use neural networks and over 170 cameras to generate a 3D model, employing 'photogrammetry' and machine learning to simulate facial expressions for interactions in the metaverse.” In a significant demonstration in September 2023, Mark Zuckerberg showcased the photorealistic abilities of Codec Avatars alongside spatial audio in a podcast with Lex Fridman, all experienced within the metaverse using Meta’s Quest 3 VR headsets.

7. Stable Audio

Stable Audio, developed by Stability AI, revolutionises music creation effortlessly. Using minimal text prompts, this tool generates diverse sounds or songs based on chosen genres. With appropriate prompts, users can describe their desired music style and receive AI-generated outputs. Stability AI claims their model was trained on a vast dataset of over 800,000 audio files from a stock audio website, offering versatile outputs suitable for various purposes.

8. is an AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech platform known for its comprehensive voice synthesis models. Its wide range of voices serves various industries like entertainment, banking, education, gaming, and news, among others. This versatility has attracted global attention, positioning as a notable innovator in the voice synthesis field. Recently, they launched Genny, a next-generation AI voice generator featuring text-to-speech and video editing capabilities. 

With over 500 AI voices across 150 languages and 20+ emotions, Genny offers professional-grade voices that sound realistic. The tool provides granular control, allowing users to adjust pronunciation, emphasis, speed, and pitch for tailored speech. Additionally, it offers simultaneous video editing while generating voiceovers and provides access to a resource database comprising non-verbal interjections, sound effects, royalty-free music, and stock visuals.


Reply is a comprehensive sales engagement platform designed to foster personal connections while facilitating scalable outreach. Within this platform is Jason AI, a personal assistant driven by ChatGPT. This AI assists in setting up outreach sequences, managing responses from prospects, and scheduling meetings. 

It allows users to apply filters to pinpoint potential buyers for their products or services. Jason AI crafts sequences, including initial emails, follow-ups, and social interactions, while recommending various outreach channels. Additionally, the AI Assistant API, fully compatible with other Reply APIs, offers tools like the Email Sending API for personalised or business emails at scale and the Email Warm-Up API to build domain reputation and prep email accounts for outreach.

10. Anyword

Anyword functions as a data-driven copywriting tool tailored for marketers, facilitating the creation of impactful content for various purposes like ads, emails, landing pages, and platform-specific content. It simplifies ad creation across platforms like Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads. 

Additionally, it streamlines the generation of longer-form content such as blog posts, product descriptions, and YouTube descriptions. What sets Anyword apart is its ability to empower marketers with data-driven insights. It offers predictive metrics and analytics, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of different parts of the message and their reception among the target audience. This allows marketers to enhance their content strategies with a data-backed approach.

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Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!

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