Article: Artificial Intelligence - Changing the game of Recruiting

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Artificial Intelligence - Changing the game of Recruiting

Simplifying problem solving and learning in the recruitment process, with the help of machines
Artificial Intelligence - Changing the game of Recruiting

As technology is advancing, it has become imperative for the organisations to keep pace with the latest technology upgradations. Today’s job market is much competitive when it comes to attracting new talent for the organisation, hiring employees with niche or specific skills as per your organisation’s requirement has become a much more challenging prospect for the recruitment team. Recruiters are also looking out for innovative ways to attract quality talent. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recruiting is one such robust new addition where problem-solving and learning is exhibited using machines in the recruitment process. 

AI for recruiting is designed to automate the recruitment flow by reducing repetitive and high volume tasks. To make the most of AI in recruiting, it should be integrated with the current recruiting stack so that it doesn’t disrupt the hiring flow.

It offers an edge over competitors by accelerating the selection process and enhancing candidate experience through continuous updates of the workflow. Moreover, it minimises the time involved spent in phone screening.

When recruitment is integrated with AI, the process becomes consistent, structured, it saves time and covers an extensive range of candidates. Automation assists in streamlining the selection process through interventions like screening questionnaire for applicants, managing the hiring flow and competency-based feedback forms during each interview discussion. Recruiters are using chatbots to have real-time interaction with the candidates through video interviews, online surveys and asking questions based on job requirements. 

The role of AI in recruitment is not just limited to finding the right people with required skills and expertise to meet the organisation's expectations. AI tools and techniques have enabled the recruitment efforts by researching the data and gathering insights. AI for recruiting reduces unconscious bias by finding underlying patterns through previously depicted behaviour, which means that human biases will no longer be a part of the recruitment process which will be beneficial for both the parties. 

Automating the hiring flow will help in reducing the amount of time spent to collect interviewer feedback and efforts taken by the interviewer in filling the feedback. An automated system will assign evaluations to interviewers directly through the portal interface, with follow-up reminders being sent to interviewers to speed up the evaluation process. AI uses techniques like machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. AI tools have built-in capability to reduce time and cost for the recruitment team so that they can realign their priorities w.r.t. engaging with the potential candidates.

Talent mapping is definitely is the next stride in recruitment, recruiters can find out best fit candidates well in advance and draft a strategic plan for hiring them in long run. It will be helpful in filling the gaps, strengthening the team for sudden changes in the workplace by having potential talent in the pipeline for future requirements. Recruiters who understand the integration of AI with recruitment can use the technology to enhance efficiency, improve the quality of hire, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

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