Article: As digitisation picks up pace, technology teams now take centre stage: Teleperformance India’s Amit Vohra


As digitisation picks up pace, technology teams now take centre stage: Teleperformance India’s Amit Vohra

“Successful digital transformation depends on the continuous improvement of people, processes, and technologies,” highlights Amit Vohra, Chief Transformation Officer at Teleperformance India.
As digitisation picks up pace, technology teams now take centre stage: Teleperformance India’s Amit Vohra

Amit Vohra is the Chief Transformation Officer for Teleperformance India, is an expert at strategy definition and solution design comprising business and technology strategy. His expertise spans large-scale program delivery, setting up and managing operations in a multi-geo model, account management and business development. 

In an exclusive interaction with People Matters, Amit shares his insights on how technology becomes a critical enabler in driving innovation, strengthening collaboration and leading the business to achieve new heights. 

 Given your expertise in data and analytics, what are the best practices you would recommend to leaders to derive benefits from HR and people analytics? What are some strategies currently in place at Teleperformance?

Teleperformance is a pioneer in adapting the latest technology to benefit all stakeholders, be it our customers, employees or clients. With continued investments in RPA, AI, Advanced Analytics, and now Cloud and Metaverse, we are setting benchmarks for industry best practices. 

At the core of all this is our investment in our people; we are a people-first company. We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity provider who believes in cultivating a rich and diverse workforce committed to delivering their best and giving back to the community where we operate. We hire and retain the best talents to deliver exceptional experiences. Predictive analytics and AI-driven interventions within the Hire to Retire process ensure the right talent is recruited and supported with a seamless experience throughout their relationship with TP. For example, we use an analytics-led candidate shortlisting approach followed by an AI-powered skills assessment and automated rollout of offer letters. We also automate the full and final settlement process, including the release of experience letters. Additionally, we focus on our employees’ wellbeing, learning and upskilling through various systematic L&D, Training and Engagement programmes. 

For organisations spread across geographies, what is the role played by technology innovations in strengthening work culture and collaboration? What is the #1 impact of digital transformation on workplaces today?

Digital transformation boosts efficiency, transparency, customer experience, staff engagement, and culture while saving time and money. Working remotely is now a reality for most companies worldwide and changes had to be made to connect and share data safely globally. Successful digital transformation depends on the continuous improvement of people, processes, and technologies.

With working from home or hybrid working being the new normal, we want to support the growth of our team with innovative solutions. Our teams benefit from the Cloud Campus, which allows them to receive training and coaching from anywhere in the world. In addition, the deployment of collaboration tools, including meeting in the Metaverse enables our employees to work with colleagues from a location of choice across geographies.

As the workplace continues to evolve, companies need to ensure they are creating a culture that attracts, engages, and retains top talent.

Our teams go the extra mile to take care of our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Initiatives focusing on positive impact, such as offering hybrid working models, flexible working hours, or better office facilities, are important for maintaining strong work culture. Working with a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects our true business values and culture has always been a priority for us.

With the rising emphasis on digital transformation, what is the role of the CTO in balancing sustainability and digitisation? 

There is no doubt that today’s world is changing very fast. With all businesses on the road to accelerated digital transformation, the CTO is seen as a business enabler within organisations. As digitisation picks up pace, technology teams now take centre stage.  

Teleperformance in India has pivoted into a leading Digital Integrated Services Provider that is agile, responsible and conscious of the need for empathy when leveraging the latest technology such as distinguished CX, Back-Office and Transformation Solutions. The CTO in any organisation needs to sustain the optimal amount of human touch when implementing AI, Intelligent Automation, Advanced Analytics and CX consulting for the world’s leading brands. 

Finally, what are some words of advice you would share on empowering digitally ready organisations as we embrace the future of work? 

According to the NASSCOM report “Technology Reshaping the Future of Work: India Perspective,” approximately 70% of Indian tech companies have adopted a hybrid work model, with 85% of the country’s tech workforce working remotely or in a hybrid setting at present. We believe that companies must collaborate with their teams to ensure they are giving them the tools and training needed to succeed at their job. We are offering flexible working policies that allow employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home as well as providing learning and development resources to enable employees to become more tech-proficient and excel in their careers. What is appropriate for each business will depend on their specific context. Companies need to plan for and respond to the organisational implications of hybrid working on matters such as technology, employee wellbeing, inclusion and facilities.

It is important to convey to your workforce who you are as an organisation and the value your company brings, just as you do to your customers. Keep in mind that your employee is your customer as well.

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