Article: Business leaders get candid on talk show at TechHR’17


Business leaders get candid on talk show at TechHR’17

As you prepare to watch the sessions of top leaders and learn from them in People Matters TechHR 2018, watch a few talk shows from last years conference and get a glimpse of discussions that will unfold at TechHR 2018.
Business leaders get candid on talk show at TechHR’17

Last year, Indranil Chakraborty, Founder, StoryWorks quizzed Raghav Bahl, Founder, Quintillion Media about what is it like to build a media business from scratch at one of the live talk shows at TechHR and Raghav Bahl talked about his journey as an HR manager and also shared his entrepreneurial journey. This is how personal and unvarnished live talk shows at TechHR conference are. 

While the other tracks at TechHR concentrate on sessions and keynotes from global thought leaders in a more formal setup, talk shows are the sessions where you will find the same leaders get candid on some of the hot topics and trends. 

Watch business and thought leaders like Mr. Suresh Narayanan, MD, and CEO, Nestlé and Ronnie Screwvala, the founder of UpGrad get candid on some of the talk shows at People Matters TechHR 2017 and get a glimpse of discussions that will unfold in TechHR 2018:

Raghav Bahl, Quintillion Media on his journey from an HR manager to an entrepreneur

Raghav Bahl interacted with Indranil Chakraborty, StoryWorks and shared how being an HR manager helped in his entrepreneurial journey, as twenty-five years after, it is still all about getting the right fit for the organization. Watch the complete session to listen to their engaging conversation. 

Mr. Narayanan, MD and CEO of Nestle on some of the essentials of leadership

Mr. Narayanan, MD and CEO of Nestle shared his personal experiences and insights around leadership, handling generational divide and other difficult situations in conversation with Mr. Abhijit Bhaduri (Founder, Bhaduri and Associates).

Ronnie Screwvala, the founder of UpGrad spilled the beans of his entrepreneurial journey

In conversation with Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at People Matters Media, Ronnie Screwvala shared how the first ten years of his journey were tough because there was no concept of a venture capitalist. He said, "If you were not born with a silver spoon, then people frowned at you taking that kind of risk." Watch the complete video to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey, challenges and accomplishments. 

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, the author of 'Happier' and founder of 'Potentiallife' on the elements of happiness 

When Raghavendra K, Infosys BPO asked Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, "What is the secret ingredient of happiness?", Dr. Tal Ben exclaimed, "When I think about happiness I think about it in five dimensions- Spiritual well being, physical well being, intellectual well being, interpersonal well being and emotional well being." To listen to this interesting conversation and know more about the elements of happiness, watch the complete session here.

Following the trend of these engaging conversations from last year, People Matters TechHR 2018 will also include many exclusive talk show between global HR Tech Analyst & CEOs of leading organizations. Click here to be a part of these discussions and get strong opinions or candid advice from best in the industry.

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