Article: Digital Human Resources: The Haves & Will-Nots


Digital Human Resources: The Haves & Will-Nots

What makes people join/stay or leave? Who is likely to be most successful? What percentage of the teams success is dependent on the leader? Can analytics solve these problems?
Digital Human Resources: The Haves & Will-Nots
There are thousands of beauty products in the market. Every consumer’s skin type is unique. It is hard to know which product will work best for what skin type. Olay uses a smartphone app that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to simplify this process for the consumers. The consumer snaps a selfie and creates a profile by answering some questions. Using the new platform, the system provides the “age” of the skin and identifies the problem areas. Once identified, it also gives suggestions on how to best care for certain specific areas of the face, including a full-face routine. And as AI comes into contact with more faces and skin types, the faster it learns and becomes better at identifying issues.  Three factors are driving the rise of AI in every business. The first is the increase in the amount of data being generated all around. The social media posts, GPS in phones, photos and videos that we share, the credit card trail we leave behind ...
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Topics: Technology, Strategic HR

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