Article: Yeh Dil maange more!: Sushil Baveja

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Yeh Dil maange more!: Sushil Baveja

Sushil Baveja, Head-Corporate HR, DCM Shriram Consolidated
Yeh Dil maange more!: Sushil Baveja

The new generation is relatively more ambitious and more aspiring and looks for fast-track growth. They tend to get bored with routine and repetitive work and expects greater amount of empowerment and more independence in the work that they do sans supervision. So, there is a need to connect with them at their level, understand them very closely on what exactly they want. I call this generation the ‘dil maange more’ generation which is always seeking more challenges and excitement from the workplace.

The management trainees’ onboarding process and the summer internship projects at DSCL have evolved to cater to the needs of the new workforce. They address the need of these employees who seek challenging roles and responsibilities at a fairly early stage. Further, to ensure they remain excited on the job effort is made to include an element of variety in the type of work assigned to them. Being a diversified group company, we are able to allow people a variety of experiences by moving them across functions and businesses.

In the new workplace, HR will have to move away from focusing on the very detailed job profiles, because that tends to bring in an element of control. What will work is a broad job expectation and allowing people the space and opportunity to write-down what s/he would want to do as a part of their profile. Giving them the element of freedom to co-create a job brings in a certain sense of ownership, a huge amount of inclusiveness and makes the person feel that ‘I am important and that I am allowed to actually influence the work that I do’. This actually motivates the individuals a lot more.

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