Article: Evolving role of HR professionals in the high-tech world


Evolving role of HR professionals in the high-tech world

Consistent advancements in technologies are evolving the role of HR professionals taking it to a different level now
Evolving role of HR professionals in the high-tech world

Talking of the evolving role of HR professionals in this high-tech world, we primarily focus on the influx of technologies for HR to develop new skill sets for future requirements. A recent survey suggested that over 30% of the organizations plan to increase their investment in HR technology by 10-20 % in near future. So, with increasing influx of technology in the field of HR, the action calls for transformation of skill sets of HR personnel in a colossal way. Human resource management is evolving into a more technology-based profession. In many organizations, employees now see the face of HR as a portal rather than a person. This transformation of HR service delivery, known as “e-HR”, requires a fundamental change in the way HR professionals view their roles. Organizations that successfully adopt sophisticated HR technology tools outperform those that do not.

HR is a very crucial function of any organisation and technology is being weaved in all the aspects of the HR’s role. Technology helps HR professionals to streamline the basic recruitment process so that they have time to focus on other vital and strategic aspects of their job. The continued growth of technology, social media and various other platforms of communication has liberated the rough grounds HR personnel used to work upon. But apart from all these, what is more important, is weaving of technology in day-to-day functioning of the department.

The advent of technology and its applications in various aspects of HR have taken the role of HR to an altogether different level. The burgeoning application of technology is witnessing the emergence of new skill sets and at the same time benchmarks are being revisited frequently while hiring prospective candidates for the role of HR. The existing ones are also being trained so that they always fit into the changing dynamics of work.

The implementation of technology in all diagnostic tools pertaining to Human Resource function has enabled a rationalized and structured approach in all HR related activities within an organization. Recruitment, compensation structures, employee surveys etc. these days take place through various sophisticated ERP packages and thus enable an approach garnished with poise and élan. Technology by far has also helped HR personnel in Real Time Talent Management and Analytics. Real Time Talent Management allows a continuous monitoring of an employee throughout the year rather than once or twice a year performance review system, which is turning out to be obsolete. Analytics and any tool as such enable relevant data to be collected and shared between departments with ease and consistency. It allows everyone to be on the same page, speaking the same language and is an excellent HR tool. The dawn of technology on such aspects has streamlined the HR function and hence the focus has shifted to other vital and strategic aspects of the job.

The use of social media for communications is another giant leap in the usage of technology in HR per se. Social media platforms have provided organizations the much needed breakthrough and acts as an able ally or auxiliary when propagation of organization information and messages are concerned. Within a company, a well-tuned online social network can enhance the company's collective knowledge and sharpen its ability to act on what people know in time to be effective. It’s high time to recognize that this kind of network is critical to an organization. Creating these opportunities to connect, is often the stated or unstated purpose of facilitating off-site meetings and other communication initiatives. A well planned and cognitively placed social media network can benefit organizations to amplify innovation, multiply intellectual capital, turning trainings as a continuous process, attract and retain best employees by providing access to social capital, attune everyone to the values and belief system of the organization etc.

All of these and much more to come cannot undermine the fundamental fact that HR is evolving pertaining to the requirements of organizations or sectors they ply into and is also defined by the dynamics of external environment, globalization, labour laws and markets and social and economic structures. A hard look into all of these and framing one’s policies thereafter will create a sustainable situation for Human Resource Function which will also serve the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.

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