Article: Facebook has become a second home for GenY: Sanjay Modi


Facebook has become a second home for GenY: Sanjay Modi

Sanjay Modi, MD (India/Middle East/South Asia),
Facebook has become a second home for GenY: Sanjay Modi

Social media has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Facebook has become a second home for Gen Y and is the biggest aggregator of consumers, with a reach of over 800 million subscribers globally and 43.5 million in India. This captive audience has become a potential target for businesses across verticals, as well as for talent sourcing. However, there were no avenues for professional networking and talent sourcing on Facebook. There was a need for a professional network on Facebook to help them connect professionally and at the same time provide them with the magnum and ease of a job portal. This is what led us to launch BeKnown, a professional networking application on Facebook backed by Monster’s strength of providing the right jobs and the right candidates. BeKnown dramatically changes the way Facebook users can leverage this traditional social network to establish their personal brands, develop connections and advance their job search and careers. BeKnown is already big with over 1.7 lac installs in India in just 4 months and is growing at a rapid pace, conveniently consolidating all the features and benefits on the most popular social network on the web. 

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