Article: For GenZ tech and creativity part of their identities


For GenZ tech and creativity part of their identities

The increased access to the digital tools and technology will apparently, according to the research, make GenZ more creative and better prepared for the future. Read the complete article for more.
For GenZ tech and creativity part of their identities

With reports of almost five generations working at the workplace together, the HR processes have gone a significant change with respect to learning and development, talent acquisition and employee engagement areas in HR respectively. And hence, it is no surprise that after millennials, the Gen Z has become the focus.

Adobe in partnership with Edelman Intelligence conducted a research and have come up with the following finding:

Gen Z students see tech and creativity as part of their identities

According to the report, Gen Z is considered to be more curious, innovative and open-minded than the past generations. Apparently, the generation is looking for a better way to do something and create mostly using digital/online tools.

Gen Z students are excited but nervous for the ‘future’ and they do not feel fully prepared for the world

Gen Z students have mixed emotions when it comes to their future and after they finish school - they feel ‘excited’ and ‘curious’ and also ‘nervous’ or ‘worried’. This could be due to the fact that because they are born in a more interconnected world, the challenges are very real to them.

GenZ and the teachers learn best by doing and creating and creativity will play a huge role in the future

The students, and teachers agree to this, learn best through hands-on experience. And both of them wish for more creativity in the classrooms. Apart from this, both the teachers and students, wish for greater use of technological tools in the classroom.

Gen Z believes that ‘being creative’ will be essential to the future success of the students and that creativity will go a long way in solving the challenges in the future.

Technology will set apart GenZ in the future

The increased access to the digital tools and technology, will apparently, according to the research make GenZ more creative and better prepared for the future. But what would also be different for Gen Z is the opportunities that technology will provide them, and which were absent for the previous generations. This could also be because technology in itself provides more tools and inspiration for GenZ creativity. And what also helps their case is that Gen Z students are innovative multitaskers.

Also, the GenZ also provides access to the global information and network. And because of the familiarity of GenZ with technology opens a world of possibility.

But not everything is hunky-dory for Gen Z, as the generation does not seem to be well equipped with interpersonal, logical thinking skill. And they might, because of the interconnected universe, face problems with placement in the future.

For the results from the report:

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