Article: Here’s how VANDA is enabling convenient & collaborative hiring


Here’s how VANDA is enabling convenient & collaborative hiring

In a recent interview, People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2020 participant, Aanas Ali, Founder, Devcurate shares how its new solution VANDA is helping spot the right talents faster, automate redundant processes and improve team collaboration.
Here’s how VANDA is enabling convenient & collaborative hiring

The way organizations recruit has gone through tremendous change in the past couple of years. The hiring process got more and more digitized. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, various technological innovations have helped companies hire more effectively and efficiently. However, the ongoing global health crisis and the subsequent lockdown further accelerated the digital adoption. From senior level onboardings to campus hiring, recruitment is now being done not just digitally but also virtually. 

Talent leaders now need to leverage technology not just to make hiring more convenient but also more collaborative and flexible. It is for this reason that Devcurate, an intelligent career solution dedicated to purpose-driven people and organizations, witnessed the use of their recruitment solution VANDA in recent months. VANDA is a hyper intuitive and powerful screening solution, which helps spot the right talents faster, automate redundant processes and improve team collaboration; all without hassles in a single platform.

“After our soft launch at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we realised that many organizations across different industries, which started to adopt new technologies to cope with the crisis, found VANDA to be highly relevant to their hiring needs,” shares Aanas Ali, Founder, Devcurate. 

The tipping point was recognizing the nature of our asynchronous video interviewing platform in which busy hiring teams can do away with endless hours scheduling meetings between all parties involved.

The motive behind introducing VANDA was to make a recruitment solution available to just anyone in any sector who has to screen candidates and make informed and timely decisions without spending hours going through highly time-consuming and redundant processes, especially in their early screening stage. 

How does VANDA work?

HR can set any number of questions (in any language), duration for individual questions, and the total interview time for their candidates. All candidates can be invited with one click, after which they can respond within a given timeframe. 

Now for each job interview, HR can tag all the relevant managers who can review and evaluate candidate responses. And they can do so anywhere and at any time. For larger organizations with complex division of labour, the one-stop platform allows everyone involved to work together seamlessly. Busy managers get notifications as they receive new responses from candidates. The hiring team can then quickly see the performance ranking and determine the best next steps, be it a second interview via video conferencing tools like Zoom (or in-person if the situation allows) or written test.

“Since our initial launch several months ago we have had close to 100 companies signing up, many started using the platform as their recruitment is back on track,” shared Aanas. 

The recruitment tech startup has been able to collect useful feedback from the users which has allowed it to improve the user experience on a daily basis. Aanas added, “We have some universities using VANDA for their selection process and oral exams, as well as a VANDA native integration for a virtual career fair.”

For VANDA, innovation doesn’t stop

“One of our values is people-first, and the fact that we have been listening to our users religiously allows us to remain relevant to the evolving market needs,” said Aanas. The team at VANDA acknowledges that adaptability is the only way for them to be a top player in this competitive landscape. 

As a career innovation ecosystem VANDA exists by design with painstaking UX research and market testing. “We curate flexible products to reflect our users’ divergent needs. With our network of industry experts and access to global talent we are able to quickly respond to different use cases as they arise,” shared Aanas. 

VANDA is a localized service with the main market currently in Asia and with a team that speaks multiple Asian languages. In addition, given the team’s background in the social impact sector (United Nations, International NGOs, etc.), the startup has been able to penetrate this global industry since the start of its journey. As it continues to grow and scale, it looks to foray into new markets and continuously invest in innovating its solution for more value. 

Aanas concluded, “As a sector-agnostic candidate screening solution, we are currently in an R&D phase with the plan to integrate AI sentiment analysis which will ultimately help hiring teams further tap into candidates insights, including big data personality analytics that correspond to different job functions and future hiring requirements.”

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