Article: HiPos in the Digital Age: A week that was

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HiPos in the Digital Age: A week that was


The 6th consecutive edition of HiPo week organized by Right Management & People Matters discussed the impact of digital disruption on the definition of HiPos, nurturing digital competencies for them to thrive, non-conventional HiPo program designs and much more.
HiPos in the Digital Age: A week that was

Digital disruption in organizations, as most leaders think is not about technology it's about People.

When we talk about digital age, we forget that human potential is an important aspect of it. In the rapidly changing business scenario, one can't succeed by adding technology or processes without working on people transformation. And as High Potential employees are often at the heart of most strategic conversations in an organization, understanding how their roles will evolve in the digital age is imperative. To throw more light on this need of building and nurturing competencies for HiPos, Right Management & People Matters dedicated an entire week and addressed the challenge through various modes like Webcast, Masterclasses, Twitter debate, and FB live. 

Here are a few highlights from the HiPo week 2018:  

Webcast: How will the roles of HiPos evolve?

The week themed “HiPos in the Digital Age” started with a webcast that addressed evolving role of HiPos. It discussed how the digital disruption is impacting the definition of HiPos and highlighted the changing expectations of business from HiPos. Prashant Pandey, Country Head, Right Management India and Gajendra Chandel, CHRO, Tata Motors shared few tips for business leaders and HiPos to help them stay ahead of the curve. Appreciating technologies that exist across sectors, increasing the scope of learning and learning from the experts were few tips that they gave. 

Masterclass: Developing HiPos amidst Digital Disruption

The week also included three masterclasses organized in three locations Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurugram. These sessions touched on the theme of developing HiPos and preparing them for the technology of the future. Various HR and nosiness leaders gathered and discussed how organizational systems can unleash the potential in an employee. Identifying HiPos at the candidate level during interviews and recognizing and declaring them as HiPos were some of the ideas that emerged from the masterclass. In the session, Prashant Pandey also shared the survey done by Right Management to understand the point of view of respondents on how digitization has impacted organizations and the readiness of HiPOs in the digital age. 

Twitter Debate: Expectations from HiPos in the Digital Age

The 6th edition of HiPo week also witnessed a Twitter debate. It saw the participation of expert panel of guests including Raj Karunakaran, Global HR Leader, Cargill Business Services; Ashish Jain, VP – Consulting Services, Right Management India; Sumit Neogi, HR Leader, Reliance Industries Limited; Subir Verma, Head HR & IR Tata Power; and Prakash Pandey, Talent Strategist, Right Management. Giving their views for or against the statements shared by Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters, they demystified the changing expectations from HiPos in the digital age.

FB Live: HiPos programs for nurturing digital competencies

Parul R. Pandey, Vice President Talent, and Engagement, DIAGEO India along with Prashant Pandey shared how companies can design programs to nurture digital competencies for HiPos to be able to thrive. They discussed how digital has changed the way we do business and how it has impacted the definition of HiPos. The discussion suggested that the fundamental definition of HiPos remains the same, what probably changes is the degree of the strategic bent of mind and the way they need to display strategic thinking. Parul emphasized on the need of learning and said, “We need to anchor all leaning on the learner’s goals.”

Organizations will now not only be looking for Tech people, but also for people who understand and appreciate what the power of technology. In the digital age, HiPo will be someone who can translate and visualize the potential of technology in terms of how it can impact some part of the business module and drive such disruptive ideas for the business.

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