Article: How Artificial Intelligence based technology is enhancing employee experience

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How Artificial Intelligence based technology is enhancing employee experience

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AI-based tools can help HR professionals to focus on nurturing relationships.
How Artificial Intelligence based technology is enhancing employee experience

The use of AI at work has grown tremendously. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 42 percent companies believe that AI will be widely deployed in their organizations within three to five years. 

In the world of HR technology, AI is reshaping employee experience, enabling the selection of the right candidates, enhancing employee productivity, easing and simplifying tedious HR processes. There are two kinds of application in the HR context: 1) Conversational analytics using tools like Chatbots and 2) Machine learning using pattern analysis on data.

Here’s how AI-based tools are transforming employee experience

  • Digital matchmaking:  Recruiting an employee is about finding the right person for the right job at the right time. AI-based tools like Alt recruit help identify relevant candidates as per the job description. It can suggest ideal candidates for a particular job role and it does this by matching information across databases and social media platforms.

  • Conversational interfaces have revolutionized the way an employee accesses information. From attendance records to workplace policies, conversational interfaces like Jinie address basic employee queries, creating a win-win scenario for both the employee and HR. 

  • Early warning of employee behavior: Whether it is an employee slacking at the workplace or one that needs support, AI-based tools can support a company’s efforts on employee well-being. By tracking metrics such as leave, attendance, time spent at work, the tool can help warn managers and HR professionals.

  • Personalized career: In a world that’s increasingly shifting towards hyper-personalization, whether it is a movie or product recommendation, AI-based technology tools like Alt learning suggest learning courses contextualized to an individual’s profile, strengths, and experience.

The future

While there are a number of applications that AI-based technology helps support, there are other emerging areas that this technology can help with. A few areas include: Talent Retention, a key concern for HR teams can benefit from building predictability. But AI-based tools require time to mature depending on data. 2) R&R to top performers can also benefit from AI-based technology by rewarding employees on the spot instead of a yearly recognition. This is however still in development stages. 3) Sentiment analysis which is based on a combination of analysis of various social media interactions, visual recognition or facial recognition can help tap into data points that were previously unimaginable.  Using AI-based tools enables HR professionals to focus on building relationships, whether it is in recruitment or at work.  

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