Article: How Flipick is helping corporates in keeping their learners engaged


How Flipick is helping corporates in keeping their learners engaged

Flipick LMS enables corporates to personalize the learning experience for every learner and helps them in building engaging content. Here is a sneak peek of their journey.
How Flipick is helping corporates in keeping their learners engaged

EdTech is being seen as one the most emerging industries with rapid innovations and new names entering the field. A recent report by KPMG and Google highlights that the EdTech market is expected to touch $1.96 Bn by 2021, with close to 9.6 Mn users, from $247 Mn and over 1.6 Mn users in 2016. In this rapidly growing market, India is also a significant player in terms of the number of startups in the space. Since 2012, the country has churned over 200 new edtech startups every year. Further, the EdTech space which caters to both the educational and corporate sector has witnessed maximum investments in the corporate learning solutions. According to Metaari advanced learning technology report 2017, over $3.79 Bn was invested in corporate-facing educational technology companies in 2017, trailing consumer-facing companies by $60 Mn. 

Despite the booming market, many startups even failed to sustain and sooner or later left the space. But then there were others who kept on innovating with the changing times. One example of such a company which has stayed for many years and scaled in recent times is Flipick. 

With a passion to change the way people learn, Ravinder Dugal and Tanveen Dugal founded Flipick in 2011. After catering to the print publishing industry for more than a decade with Mediawide, Ravi observed the trend shifting towards digital publishing and seized the opportunity. In 2011, he started Flipick as a subsidiary of Mediawide and paved his way in personalized publishing. 

Initially, Flipick’s journey began with publishing e-books and started off by automating catalogs for Amazon and other global companies, then in 2014 it launched its conversion services for publishers and helped them switch to the eBooks format in the form of fixed layouts epub with set standards. 

“The era of digital gave us the opportunity to  begin our journey with e-books. We launched an automated system that could take a printed book’s soft copy and convert it into a fixed layout e-book,” shares Ravi Dugal, CEO and Chairman, Flipick. 

He adds, “After marking our presence and being recognized in the e-book space, later we went onto the journey of disrupting e-learning and focused on making it more interactive, engaging and personalized.” 

From e-books to creating an interactive and personalized learning experience

“In the entire learning process, e-book only plays a small part,” exclaims Ravi. 

Therefore, Flipick took the next steps towards improvizing its solution and adding more value to the content it was serving through e-books. The team added a multimedia element to its content offerings and made it more interactive and engaging for the learners. 

“We realized that e-book is only a replacement for the books to the learner and is not the best way of learning. Learning has to be more engaging and interactive. So we created our own offering system which allowed us to create 2D animation based content, interactive content, and a far more engaging content.”

Further, Ravi and team went on to upgrade the solution and shifted their focus on building an integrated learning system. With their LMS, they cater to the needs of both academics and corporate. 

Ravi shares that Flipick’s LMS enables L&D professionals, academicians and leaders to manage the courses content, syllabi, and analytics on a common platform. 

While for academic purposes they provide solutions like lectures and texts, Flipick caters to the needs of corporate learning in a slightly different manner. 

Building customized learning paths as per learners need

Flipick aggregates content from various other educational and corporate publishers (like Pearson) and also has eminent professors and subject matter experts who help in building content for the learners. But how does all of this content get delivered? 

  1. Byte-sized content: Small video clips which are easily downloadable and consumed offline with complete encryption to ensure the content can’t be shared outside of the platform. 

  2. Gamification: Flipick creates both, Game-Based Learning Module and Game-Based Assessments and delivers to the end client based on their requirements. 

  3. Animated: Many clients require concept/content-based learning modules for which Flipick creates 2D / 3D based animations to explain the concepts and more such interactivities

Every learner has different capabilities and diverse educational background. Hence, the learning speed and the ability to grasp content is different for every learner. To ensure that each learner is exposed to the most relevant content, Flipick has an assessment tool in place. 

Ravi shares, “We have a professionally designed assessment tool to judge the level of the learner and as the learner progresses through the whole process of learning, the system automatically gives remediation content to cover up the areas the learner is not that good at.” 

So far, Flipick has worked with companies like Vodafone, Aditya Birla and Max Life Insurance and has helped them in building customized learning paths as per learners’ needs. 

The way forward

After being a service company for many years, Flipick now aims to become a one-stop shop for learning and development. Ravi says, “So far we have been a very service-oriented organization, where we have been offering our LMS to the customers. But now our focus will be more on building our own content.”

Ravi believes that this will give Flipick an opportunity to offer a ready-made solution to the customer. For instance, providing ready-made courses on generic topics like compliance and ethics. Further, they also want their solution to be agile and so that they can even interface it with third-party content. 

Ravi adds, “Then it becomes a full-fledged solution for the customer.” 

With the increasing quantity and quality of solutions emerging in the EdTech space, Flipick faces the challenge to continue to stay innovative with its offerings. As corporate training and education buyers across the globe are migrating rapidly away from legacy products like self-paced courseware and are moving to much-advanced solutions, how Flipick manages to stay ahead of the curve and seizes this opportunity is to watch out for. 

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