Article: How talent technology investment can work in the long run?


How talent technology investment can work in the long run?

Rashmi Mehrotra, Cornerstone OnDemand speaks on the 5 imperative blueprints to have a successful business outcome.
How talent technology investment can work in the long run?

There is a saying, "Every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time". Same goes with the vendor-customer relationship wherein you need to find first your wants and then the right solution to adhere to attain a beneficial relationship at the end.

Keeping this in mind, People Matters alongside Cornerstone organized a webinar on “How talent technology investment can work in the long run”? The speaker for the session was Rashmi Mehrotra who gave an insight on the importance of investing the right amount of time and strategies to overcome talent challenges.

Mehrotra said, “Technology is a continuous journey and needs to be nurtured”. Elaborating on the importance of this journey to keep going, the crux of the webinar was broken down into 5 categories: 

Initiate the search: Pinpoint workforce bottlenecks

This includes a majority of the approaches right from attracting the right talent, to retaining them by ensuring to fulfill the promises being made to them by creating more transparency in the organization.

Select the right partner: Know what questions to ask

This comes as a gateway to have a successful project implementation with the selection of the right partner and having in mind clear ways to implement the project. 

The wedding: Implementation & “Go-Live”

Here comes the big daddy behind any successful business model. Implementation is crucial and Mehrotra says a successful implementation is impossible without the buy in of senior leaders and managers. Along with this execution of your plan and pre-determined launch goals is also important reminding you to stick to your strict deadlines. 

Getting people involved: Adoption

This can be done through a tiered approach, training and communication via videos, and finally by a definite SPOC which leads to enhanced user adoption.

Working on building the relationship: Optimization

Optimization is a paramount factor in order to sustain success in business with expert guidance from the key players of the organization.


The webinar concluded with an insight from Mehrotra on Cornerstone’s Client Success Framework.


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