Article: How Tech is the Focal Point for HR in 2018


How Tech is the Focal Point for HR in 2018

People analytics will soon replace routine and monotonous tasks that kill employees creativity and reduce productivity.
How Tech is the Focal Point for HR in 2018

Fast and accurate digital tools, wider clouds, speedier analytical tools, mobility technology, big data, social media, robotics, and artificial intelligence are not the technologies involved in space research or automobile engineering, but these are dynamic tools of HRM that are going to shape organizations in 2018 and beyond. Enhanced employees engagement and productivity is the ultimate goal of every successful organization, but employers who are equipped with cutting-edge HR technologies have an edge over traditional companies in achieving these objectives. That’s why cloud-based HR has become an essential aspect of every smart organisation in the digital era. The year 2018 will be a great year for HR as a bevy of innovative tech solutions is going to make some major shifts in workplaces. 

Technologies that will bring disruptions in the field of HR in 2018… 

Blind Screening means Fair Recruitment 

No more partiality or favouritism will be allowed in the recruitment and selection of the workforce and talent will be the chief eligibility criterion as Blind Screening is going to make hiring fair and unbiased. With the arrival of latest screening software only the deserving candidates will receive the final call on the basis of their relevant qualifications, skills, experience, and merit. Apart from advanced screening software and recruitment management systems, high volume recruitment is expected to be facilitated by chatbots and open sourcing tools. Moreover, offshore recruitment will get more effective with the availability of high-end video conferencing tools.

Gamification – The Game Changer

Another method that will be employed rather usefully by HR managers in candidate screening is gamification. This innovative as well as interesting method is considered very effective in evaluating the cognitive and analytical abilities of a person while engaging him/her in task-based games. Gamification is already a significant part of recruitment in many reputed companies all around the world, but soon it’s going to benefit medium and large scale organizations too. This entertaining method keeps the candidate involved and records his/her steps while chasing a task. 

The Rise of Digital Training

Technology implementation is not possible without technology learning, for the optimal utilization of digital resources, knowledge and understanding of digital tools is a prerequisite criterion. Hence, to make HR professionals digital ready, there is an urgent need to make them familiar with the latest HR tools. Companies will invest a sizeable amount of their training budget in the learning and development of digital HR tools. These training programmes will primarily revolve around measurable data tools, including AI-based systems, data management, and virtual reality.

People Analytics means Improved Results 

Another dynamic technology that will greatly change the future of human resources is people analytics. In 2018, people analytics will emerge as an augmented strength of HR for taking all the major key decisions pertaining to recruitment, delegation, performance evaluation and other key aspects of people management. 

In fact, people analytics will soon replace routine and monotonous tasks that kill employees’ creativity and reduce productivity. With the increased role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the People Analytics, employers are better decision makers in optimizing the human capital and utilizing their talent more efficiently and effectively. So, a great compatibility between human wisdom and machine perfection will ensure the success of businesses in 2018 and beyond with the help of advanced people analytics tools. 

Better Connectivity Will Allow Work from Home 

Technology is not just about better results, it guarantees comfort too. Many studies of the recent times convey that after the mass penetration of internet, smartphones, laptops, and advanced communication tools like Skype, Whatsapp, and Google Plus under the Cloud Data servers, employees are blessed to work from home employability options and they are in a better position to strike a balance between professional and family. According to one such global study, almost 37 percent people in the present age are working virtually without compromising with their career growth and job responsibilities. Now, it can be easily inferred that technological advancements in HR are not only benefitting the employers but employees too. That’s why job satisfaction among employees is increasing significantly and problems like absenteeism, high attrition and high turnover are decreasing gradually in smart and digital organizations. 

The Beginning of a Better Era

Technology is simplifying processes, empowering decisions, and facilitating actions with customized and task oriented tools for modern businesses. Its presence as well as impact is not restricted to Operations, Finance, R&D, or Quality Control, today, the rewards of technology can be reaped in every domain of business, and HR is not an exception to it. With some extremely immaculate tools and apps, the workplace environment in 2018 will be more productive and conducive, and the cutting-edge HR technologies will be the decisive factors of this desirable change. 



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