Article: HR Marketplace, the One-Stop-Shop for HR Buyers


HR Marketplace, the One-Stop-Shop for HR Buyers

HR Marketplace providing complete information on HR service providers will help buyers make informed buying decisions
HR Marketplace, the One-Stop-Shop for HR Buyers

Welcome to HR Marketplace. It is a platform for HR buyers to find, shortlist and connect with service providers in the HR space. For the last four years, People Matters has been watching the ecosystem of HR product and service providers evolve, but in the last one year the growth has been tremendous.

The reasons come fundamentally from the need of the HR teams to increasingly deliver more measurable business output. Whether it is in the recruitment function or in building the leadership pipeline for the future or day-to-day HR delivery – the HR team today needs the scale, the competency and the ability to contribute to business success. That is where a matured service provider ecosystem makes all the difference. Product and services companies provide expertise, the ability to scale and a partnering model to complement the HR teams and support them in achieving their results.

For years, the challenge that many HR buyers had was to identify the availability of service providers and their product offerings. Majority of us relied on word-of-mouth advice or referrals to find one and that was a long and incomplete exercise. Though referrals was an excellent way to assess the fit and quality of services, you could still end up not choosing a more contextually relevant partner just because your close network was not using them or didn’t even know they existed. This problem gets bigger and bigger as more players enter the space. That is where we come in.

The objective of the HR Marketplace is to provide a One-Stop-Shop for HR buyers to search, assess and connect with HR products and service providers. We are committed to continue our support to you by adding superior business value and we believe that accessible and complete information on service providers across HR verticals and horizontals will make a difference.

It will be great to hear from you on what else we can do to support you and also to know what you love about the Marketplace and how we can improve it. Click here to visit HR Marketplace.

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