Article: HRMantra: A powerful hire to retire tool


HRMantra: A powerful hire to retire tool

A one stop shop solution for HR processes, HRMantra makes the life of HR professionals much easier enabling excellence
HRMantra: A powerful hire to retire tool

HRMantra is one of the world’s most powerful HR software helping automate the most complicated hire to retire HR processes rapidly using its off the shelf ready to use parameterised features. It has powerful formulae builders, escalation matrices, filter & assignment controls, web services, import templates, over 340 reports & dashboards, search engines and report designers. Be it any recruitment hassles, talent management issues or data mining – all of it can be managed easily using this software. It also enables employees to do their self-service workflows in seconds.

Key differentiator: There are more than 160 reasons why HRMantra is better than others. It is a one of its kind unique, flexible, customizable and intelligent solution that offers businesses complete freedom to use it to adapt to their needs. It is technically advanced and overrules any case of confusion and complexity as it is highly user-friendly.

Source of inspiration: In 1990s, while most of the business processes like accounting, materials management, invoicing etc. were getting automated, the most important of transactions between employees were fully paper driven and therein we saw a golden opportunity. Most of the HRDs were full of paper CVs, paper based appraisal forms, payslips being printed etc. Excel was only being used for employee database management thus becoming eccentric. It was thus the most ignored area of business activities. ERPs that time which were used by only a few companies were also very complicated to use whereas most of the employees wanted a very simple ESS software.

Spotlight Award to us means: It was shocking that till date no one took lead in coming out with an award for HR softwares. People Matters took this noble initiative. Winning the spotlight awards will help us get instant attention amongst the potential buyers which till relied only upon mere advertisements and demos. It will be a fantastic reward of our 14 years of dedicated efforts into HR tech innovation. It will further boost us to enhance our product and take on the world – our dream is that every 10th employee worldwide should use HRMantra and this 1st award will mean a lot for this great journey.

Biggest challenges key learnings: There was initially no or very little budget for HR softwares. The top executives looked at HRD as a cost center. Unlike products like Tally which could suffice the needs of their departments with just 30 pages in it, whereas HRD needs were never ending. From just about 90 pages in all in the year 2001, today we have over 900 pages. Finally getting finance was the biggest hurdle to attract talent and grow.

  • The key learnings are
  • Keep it easy to use
  • Make it cost effective to provide great ROI
  • Add features to constantly evolve

Future of technology in HR: Technology is driving businesses and is becoming the most important strategic tool. HR automation is going to get increased attention in years to come and companies who do not adapt to it will perish. HR tech will become so advanced that within a few years even performance management will be done by machines. Gadgets like tabs, mobile phones etc. will be used dramatically in such endeavours. Most of the manually controlled HR transactions will become a history and one great HR manager will do jobs of many HR professionals. Business decisions will become faster due to real-time data mining.

Message for the HR community: Adopt innovative products that are simple to use in your HR processes. Look at HR technologies from value driven point of view and not from cost point of view.

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