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Innovations in Digital HR

Technology not only streamlines the trajectory of an organisation but also elevates success and growth, from micro to macro level.
Innovations in Digital HR

Fourth industrial revolution is almost upon us and its effects have started to bring a radical shift in the ways businesses operate. This era of emergence will be characterized by advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence, biometrics, nanotechnology, quantum computing, internet of things and 3D printing, working in collaboration to process volumes of data at unprecedented speeds. 

Today, organisations are progressively undergoing a phase of digital transformation which is promising enough to reshape any business model.  This trend is prominently visible in the HR division, where personnel are regularly adapting and engaging with the new-age novelties to ensure smooth communication both, internal and external.

While these trends are ever-evolving, it is expected that 2017 will further restructure HR, bringing in a vast new pool of opportunities through technology. Few of the expected developments which will surface are mentioned below:

Digital talent hunt

For the millennial generation, digital is the new normal. Unfathomable penetration of digitization into daily lives and business environment is serving as a gateway to rapid growth and success. 

In such a digitally linked world, where the usage of mobile, social and analytical tools is rapidly increasing, recruiters are also making use of improved channels to streamline best-suited talent for their organisation. Today, recruiters are not just posting jobs on various online job portals but are also extensively active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to best engage with potential candidates in a speedy fashion. 

Although such digital transformations are bringing turbulence and seismic shifts in this arena. According to a recent study, only 25% of organisations have known to successfully deploy technological methods to systematize their HR activities, till date. 

Data Integration

Big data and its efficient management is always counted among the most emerging trends, which contribute towards effective readability of data by generating valuable insights. Such massive data integration with the help of analytical tools comprehensively help recruiters to manage, organize and classify employee data, at one-place. This further helps in maintaining databases for organisations which can be used later, to draw insights, conduct surveys and more.

Utilization of such intelligent technological solutions in human resources surely assists professionals to streamline efforts that also influence the decision-making process. 

Facilitate online interviews

Recent technological developments go beyond physical changes and demographics. Candidate outreach increased and communication has further eased, since technology came to the forefront. Facilitating interviews with the candidates residing in another part of the world are also possible now with enhanced connectivity. Therefore, interviewers can now effortlessly connect with potential candidates both, locally and globally. Assigning tasks online to assess talent has been a growing practice among recruiters so that, candidates do not have to spare an entire day in travelling to show up for an interview. 

Moreover, even candidates can do a quick research by reading online reviews about the organisation before grabbing the offer. 

Traditionally, HR department used to spend most of their time and effort in handling and managing the routine work and taking care of administrative issues. However, deployment of technological/digital solutions will greatly help in automating these routine tasks.  

Future expectations 

It is a deep-seated conviction that if you take care of your employees, they will reciprocate the same way by taking care of your customers. Managing employee expectations and giving them a sustainable environment to thrive is of as much significance as customer retention. However, this responsibility largely falls on the shoulders of the HR department. If the human resources department is not as technologically equipped as others, it might fall short of serving employee base in the most optimum way.

Technology not only streamlines the trajectory of an organisation but also elevates success and growth, from micro to macro level. Therefore, technology has emerged as the need of the hour today, a game changer for HR personnel across sectors and industries. 

The technological journey that has transformed Human Resources from traditional to digital is positively set to shape the entire landscape, filled with prolific achievements and success stories. Currently, once completely established within an organization, it is destined to be a revolutionary step, offering increased possibilities in trade. 

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