Article: Leveraging technology for greater productivity in SMEs


Leveraging technology for greater productivity in SMEs

Vikas Joshi from PepsiCo talks about when should an SME organization get SaaS-based technology -- should it be at the beginning or later?

Vikas Joshi, HR Senior Director at PepsiCo Asia Middle East and North Africa takes an in-depth session on how can the SME leadership investing in SaaS-based technology to drive compliance, reduce risk and offer efficient HR services at reasonable pricing. The session focussed on enabling and empowering people across the organizations, and helping individuals and teams to focus on what really matters. 

Key Takeaways: 

How and when SME Leadership should invest in SaaS-based technology: to drive optimization at reasonable pricing, drive compliance, manager/ reduce risk, offer efficient HR services

Since organizations have realised the importance of analytics, the challenge is we are sitting on huge data around us, and we don’t know what to do with this data. 

When should SMEs look for SaaS/HR cloud?

An organization should look at SaaS/HR Cloud when the employee strength rises to about 150 in a single location as according to various studies, most teams are in-sync till 150, company operations spread over multiple states as legal exposures, administrative work go up, when your business goes global, when your people cost is a high percentage of your net revenue.

Key benefits of leveraging SaaS

SMEs can benefit from cost optimization at reasonable pricing, co-innovate, low deployment and sustain costs, pay and you use, Drive compliance, Responsibility is shared between organizations and vendor, Easier audits, Lower documentation, Workflow based audit trails.

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