Article: LinkedIn launches Talent Insights- An analytics tool for talent


LinkedIn launches Talent Insights- An analytics tool for talent

LinkedIn has stepped into the business by launching Talent Insights which is an analytics tool aimed at helping corporates make more informed talent decisions.
LinkedIn launches Talent Insights- An analytics tool for talent

The US-headquartered employment-oriented service-based company; LinkedIn has launched Talent Insights, an analytics tool for talent. Talent Insights is a self-serve data graph that utilizes LinkedIn data to enable HR folks to benchmark where talent is being lost and where a new office should be opened.

Talent Insights includes two reports--one to evaluate talent pool and one to look at overall company performance when it comes to talent and acquisitions. The Talent Pool report is used for sourcing strategy for talents such as developers and product managers, workforce planning, attrition rates, and location analytics.

The tool can help you strategize your sourcing strategy based on the location, previous employers, skills, etc. The Talent Insights Talent Pool report provides deep insights into your target talent. The tool will further help in workforce planning by giving details about Workforce planning by providing details and insights on labor market trends including skill growth, relative attrition rates, and hiring demand to determine how to build and grow your teams. 

One of the features that the tool provides is the competitive intelligence where one can compare their company to peers in their industry. One can start by using the Company Report to understand the locations, roles, and skills that are growing fastest at your company. And, you can also see the same things for your competitors. 

Dan Francis, a senior product manager running Talent Insights was quoted in the media saying, “Adding in more data sources could also help the company appear more impartial and accurate: although LinkedIn is huge and the biggest repository of information of its kind when it comes to professional profiles, it’s not always accurate and in some cases can be completely out of date or intentionally misleading.”

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