Article: Online education on the rise: Karthik K.S.


Online education on the rise: Karthik K.S.

Karthik KS, Chief Executive Officer, 24x7 Learning

Indian executives always lookout for rigorous and long-term education programs that can help them acquire strategic management capabilities without resigning from their full-time job. In the recent years, many Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Kellogg, LBS, MIT Sloan, etc. have entered India and opened centers here. The scope of executive education is now clearly expanding towards including entry and mid-level management as well, because the need for better understanding of business at various levels of hierarchy is a must.

Considering the audience, it is important to pay attention that the program content is not the same as MBA programs run for freshers across the country. This leaves us with a challenge on how to impart the right education to this level, without hampering the quality and ensuring that the reach is as good as a full-time program. Thus, online education plays a very important role. For instance, at AVAGMAH Online School, the course content is industry driven, where the emphasis is on understanding the changing traits and requirements of the Indian economy, and continuously updating the courses to match the growth requirements of Indian executives. Live, online and real-time faculty-led sessions are conducted, which students can access from their own laptops wherever they are, thus giving them a classroom like environment in real time and avoiding any kind of travel.

With more companies opting for executive education to drive new business agendas, measuring ROI on executive education is critical. The participation level of executives in any program is the first pointer to measure ROI. In our experience since 2009 of imparting education to 1,800+ working professionals, 70 percent+ attendance for 2 year-programs with active participation level in the groups with experience level of 4-25 years is seen. Some yardsticks used to measure ROI of post-graduation programs at AVAGMAH Online School include:

• Learning: change in knowledge level and skill sets post completion of the program
• Retention: Being with the organization for longer period post completion of the program
• Communication skills: Improvement in communication with peers, direct reportees, management and clients
• Leadership & managerial courage: Ability to take tasks from start to finish, with an improvised approach
• Business impacts: Improvement in business unit revenue, focus on bettering the bottom line with gradual increase in top line revenues
• Self-management: Better understanding of self-role in the organization, better time management and ability to improvise and be ready for a bigger role

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