Article: RippleHire: Gamifying recruitment and engagement


RippleHire: Gamifying recruitment and engagement

A technology that brings in the element of engagement into the usual employee referrals and social recruitment methods
RippleHire: Gamifying recruitment and engagement

RippleHire is a technology product that gamifies employee referrals and enables social recruiting. By empowering the best way companies hire (Employee Referrals), we reduce your hiring cost & effort to unlock the multiplier effect in your employee social networks. Game mechanics make the process fun, engaging and drives great results. RippleHire helps you access passive talent, build/measure your employer brand and ultimately distribute wealth within your organization resulting in a win – win situation.

Key differentiator: At RippleHire, we focus on employee engagement, driven through the nuances of gamification unlike the competition that largely facilitates social connects of the employees for better referral numbers. World over, there is a growing realization that social works only with an engaged employee base and that is something we have strongly enabled.

Source of inspiration: Employee referral is the best way to hire but the best way to hire does not contribute enough hires. Employee referral as the highest contributor to the sourcing mix continues to evade mid-to-large to very large employee base organizations globally. On a closer look, employee engagement emerged as the most obvious way ahead with gamification as its key driver.

Spotlight Award to us means: Spotlight Awards are a huge validation of our very own belief in leveraging psychology along with technology for attaining the desired results.

This awards will be a recognition of our meaningful contribution to the HR fraternity.

Biggest challenges & key learnings: We often get requests from the ecosystem that reaches out to us, to help them with gamification in other areas once they see our approach to employee referrals. However, focus is very important and declining opportunities is not easy. Our key lesson learned is that it is important to stay focused on your core offerings and not dilute your efforts by spreading yourself too thin.

The team in a start-up has to be handpicked and formed by bringing in a complimentary set of skills, experience and personalities. The right talent can bring in an innovative approach to multiple customer problems while having fun along the way.

Future of technology in HR: Tackling attention deficiencies in our workforce will be one of the biggest challenges for the HR in the future. Technology will come to play a key role in helping HR shape this aspect thereby impacting overall business results.

Message for the HR community: The future of the workplace is in the hands of leaders like you. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be the agent of change.

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