Article: Smart Staffing: Using your mobile for hiring

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Smart Staffing: Using your mobile for hiring

51% of recruiters are planning to increase their mobile investment this year
Smart Staffing: Using your mobile for hiring

As mobile technology becomes smarter and high-tech, many businesses are now utilizing mobile devices for work purposes. In fact, enterprises worldwide have accepted the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) scheme, allowing their employees to maximize their own devices to access their Cloud services, company portal, and office email even when working remotely away from the office.

Among the departments that have a high mobile usage are Human Resource and Recruitment. Based on a Jobvite 2014 Study, 51% of recruiters will increase their mobile investment this year. But, how can smartphones and tablets change the recruiting landscape forever?

Application for HR personnel

Mobile devices are made more helpful with the help of applications that every human resource personnel can install. Apart from apps that allow job seekers to easily search for opportunities, there is also software that recruiters can use. Here are some of the top applications you can actually maximize to get some jobs done:

• LinkedIn – Not particularly new to the industry, LinkedIn is highly important if you want to connect with the top executives of various corporations and professionals worldwide. The social platform becomes the Facebook of managers and employees where they are able to discuss common topics about their industry, as well as land their dream job.

• Hire Vue – Most recruiters are screening candidates initially via a call or through a Skype interview. With the help of Hire Vue, you will be able to send applicants a set of questions from your device. They will need to create a video responding to your questions, which they will send back to you which you can access via the app.

• Smart JobBoard – If you actively post job openings on Facebook, then the Smart JobBoard will be a worthy companion that you can install on your device. It automatically synchs your online job board to your official company Facebook account so that your listings are always updated in real-time. Job seekers can easily search your post by location and keywords, and be redirected to your main job post.

Shorter time to create and post notices

With its built-in productivity features and internet-capability, employees are able to perform their regular computing tasks via mobile devices. Previously, Humai Ghauri noted in his post that writing emails are now less time consuming when done via mobile gadgets, where you can take 2 minutes or less to complete a full email. This is slightly better than via a laptop or desktop which will take staff, 3 to 4 minutes to complete an email. Ghauri also pointed out that tablets are better in completing work tasks than smartphones, as they have bigger screens and more space to work on than the small display of handsets. After completing the email, they can instantly share these notices via their company portal, official office application, and their social pages through data connection or Wi-Fi.

Built-in mobile features are made for businesses

Today’s smart devices are now filled with built-in features and functionalities that employees can maximize. For starters, video calls and virtual conference meetings are made possible through features such as FaceTime for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) and Google Talk for Android devices. Productivity applications are also incorporated in these gadgets, where iOS have their own version of Microsoft Office where you can type word documents, create excel spreadsheets with graphs, and build slide presentations easily. Documents that require immediate approval and review can easily be accessed via their email applications. Social media apps that are included with the smartphones and tablets made screening applicants online easier as well as publishing job posts in real-time.

Currently, HR staff use mobile devices the most for the following: job posting, searching for candidates, contacting applicants, posting job notices via social media, and forwarding resumes of screened candidates to colleagues for easy access. Soon, with the rise of new mobile devices, through the release of wearables, HR management staff must find a way on how they can utilize these platforms to better perform their recruitment tasks on the go.

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