Article: Strategy to impact: How are you leveraging the intelligence wave


Strategy to impact: How are you leveraging the intelligence wave

Technology is not about automation it is about augmentation
Strategy to impact: How are you leveraging the intelligence wave

In a recent event organized by People Matters the opportunity to learn and adapt to the new technological advances was the key motive. The event that kick-started the day was conducted by Chris Havrilla, President, Havrilla LLC about leveraging intelligence wave. “Many have described technology as disruptive and will change workplaces and disrupt many jobs. However, it is important to know that we have been working on technology for almost 30 years now and yet we survived.” Stated Chris. The statement has a lot of meaning and impact yet many industries seem to be impacted by the changes surrounding us and how quickly technology is evolving processes. She pointed three amazing views on how one can leverage the intelligence wave:

Experience matters

A lot of study and research has been done for customizing and implementing new technologies. However, it is important to understand that this will drive revenue and growth only if the workforce is ready to adapt and is well versed with the technological advances. The core of the matter lies in delivering the experience and inculcating a sense of knowledge that includes constant learning and evolving to achieve success. She states “Keeping an innovative mindset and a critical approach that is parallel with technological changes and how work is and can be done efficiently is important.”

Data is everything

For a human being to remember every event with minute details can be very difficult and this difficulty lead to a lot of unwanted or incorrect data in the past. However, with the help of technology organizations can now verify and cross-verify the data and can gain momentum and exact details within a flick of a second. “To understand where we are it is important to think about where we have been.” This will help enable organizations to identify their growth rate and help them decipher where and how to pave the path of success. Technology is not about automation it is about making it augmentation and how one can leverage the power of data to increase efficiency, grow business dynamics and create an agile operative system. Use the power of social media and other technological influences to obtain the right data that will provide you the required boost to focus on human needs, experiment and infiltrate to simplify organizational vision to achieve greater success.

Think big, start small and act fast

Most of the new technology adapted fail due to lack of knowledge or the workforce is not ready for the changes. Chris states “As per a survey 11% of CHRO’s stated that their workforce is not ready for technological changes.” Organisations need to understand the technology at root level before implementing any technology and learn the nitty-gritty of the new software. Train employees to adapt to the new systems and create a surrounding that prompts constant learning. Inculcating learnability will benefit both the organization and the workforce to stay focused and match up to the game with changing rules as jobs are going to change and individuals with better adaptability have more chances of success.

The session was mesmerizing and gave a lot of ideas to be processed and just like Chris’s statement “Data is a new currency but the effects depend on how good the data is”. She finished the presentation by providing us the right food for thought stating “AI is nothing but supervised data and organizations that can leverage the power of data will always stay a step ahead.” 



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