Article: #TechHR14: Bringing the human element back to workplaces


#TechHR14: Bringing the human element back to workplaces

In the wake of advancing technologies and fast changing workplaces organizations need to bring back the human element
#TechHR14: Bringing the human element back to workplaces

In today’s day and age we are so engrossed with work that we forget the importance of the human element. We forget asking our colleagues how they are or even something as small as a casual ‘Hello’. A crucial question that we need to ask ourselves is how we, the HR community, can bring the much needed human element back into the workplace. The answer to this question turned out to be very simple after a half hour discussion amongst few eminent HR Professionals who attended the TechHR 2014. The best and the most effective way to bring that human touch is by appreciating the employees’ work and letting the co-workers know about their achievements. Appreciation by peers is a must!

Some also suggested that another effective way to do it is to randomly and frequently communicate with the employees just to know how everything is at their end. The ability to connect with the employees is very essential. Instilling a positive attitude can work very well with the employees. While sharing a feedback, do not tell them what went wrong, instead, celebrate the future and help them understand what can be done differently.

Look at their potential and break the rule of paying solely on performance

Shift the orientation and focus on the potential

Asking yourself how can you course correct while moving forward is another way to introduce a personal connect

Concentrate more on ‘feed forward’ rather than a feedback

Using socially collaborative concepts while leveraging technology has also turned out to be very effective

Technology is the next big thing and should be used to its optimum potential. It is way beyond one’s imagination. It is going to change the face of workplace.

Every HR professional should always ask this one question- How can I make the conversations real-time? Let the employees be the owner of their development. But the bigger question among all this is, how do we use technology to its potential and yet not lose the human element? How do we detach compensation from goals? Do not wait for mid-year or yearly appraisals to meet the employees. Go out, find some time and connect with them now!

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