Article: TechHR14: HR Predictions- What does the future hold for HR?


TechHR14: HR Predictions- What does the future hold for HR?

HR Predictions- What does the future hold for HR?

With the confluence of technology in HR, the future of Human Resources is as bright as the rising sun. At TechHR 14, leading thought leaders of the industry got together to predict how technology would influence the HR community in the future. The discussion encompassed the technical up-skilling potential HR leaders would need to undertake, the areas of investment and also new areas of HR that technology could bring relief to.

The panel discussion saw participation from Manish Bahl, VP & Country Manager, Forrester Research, Rajesh Ranjan, Partner, Everest Group, Srinivas Konidena, Vice President, ADP and Prashant Bhatnagar, Director, Sapient. The panel agreed that in the future, HR will be a combination of art and science and will have the ability to analyze, predict and advice. The HR function will also have the agenda of digital human interaction and govern the way technology is embedded into regular day-to-day work.

The panel was hopeful that with the way technology was seamlessly weaving itself in day to day life, the new generations will need no competency training to bring them up to speed. A major deciding factor for technology would be the level of mobility it offers. It will have to be simple but not passé.

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