Article: The HR equation: People, Mindsets & Processes


The HR equation: People, Mindsets & Processes

On day 1 of TechHR18, Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, a global keynote speaker speaks about what it takes to provide the ultimate guide to a Digital Workforce Experience and leaping towards a purpose by building a growth mindset.
The HR equation: People, Mindsets & Processes

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is near.” 

For a sustainable growth, delivering a digital employee experience is an imperative. But who owns and drives this strategy in organizations? 

The mandate lies with HR to deliver and drive a digital employee experience and HR needs to leverage the power of digital to break down the silos in HR and enable a frictionless work experience. But is there a one-click tech solution available for HR challenges? 


Jason Averbook in his keynote address at the TechHR’18 conference gives the formula for delivering a successful HR digital technology. And the formula for this is: People, Mindsets, Processes, and Technology — from creating a vision and strategy, commitment to change, people who understand the vision, defined business outcomes, an understanding of how to leverage technology, and technology itself. 

A few excerpts from the session – 

“In order to change the HR space, we need to think different and how do we change the status quo. The rate of change on the outside of HR has exceeded the rate of change that is happening in HR. This is the first time ever our employees have better tools in their pockets then we give them to work with. For the first time ever, employees have better applications than what we give them to work with. And we in HR don’t have a “Digital Strategy”. Digital and technology these are two completely different things — digital is what we are trying to reimagine business results; technology is simply the how.

What are the things that make organizations successful? Organizations either have a growth mindset, which is about innovation, growth, changing, driving forward, or a fixed mindset that is status quo. Usually employees have a growth mindset and orgs have a fixed mindset. 

What can we do to break that mindset chasm that exists?

It is about time we begin communicating with our workforce and build workforce capabilities tied to the year we live in. Our job is to stop disrespecting the year we live in. we have to thin digital first and answer a few questions — What do we want to be great at? Vs. Is it ok to be okay at? How do we not do things for the exceptions vs. doing things for the people who are ready? 

“We need to stop apologizing for the year we live in. It is 2018, and we must act inside organizations similarly to the way the world lives outside the walls of the organization if we expect to drive an engaged workforce. Nothing will change unless you change. People are ready. Processes can be ready. Technology is ready. Are you ready?”

There are 4 things that organizations and HR function in particular needs to focus on — for a frictionless workforce experience:

Right Product

Right People

Right Moment

Right Channel 

An experience is not a user interface – it’s a combination of Transaction + Interaction. And this is where Trust lies – trust doesn’t come by having great transactions. Trust comes with the interaction we have with our workforce in moments that matter. 

If you start with the mindset and the people and the process, I guarantee your technology deployment is going to be 1000% more successful.” 



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