Article: Top three AI articles you need to read


Top three AI articles you need to read

Artificial intelligence is increasingly been used across various industries. Here are our top three articles exploring the multiple facets of AI and HR interaction.
Top three AI articles you need to read

International Data Corporation, in a study, estimated that the AI market will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020. Search #AI, and Google will come up with about 2,10,00,00,000 results! There is so much content created and promoted hourly on the topic of Artificial Intelligence that it is difficult to keep up with it all. 

We bring you our top three AI reads:

1.  How AI is transforming the hiring process:

 The article explores how AI is loaded with tons of amazing features such as Big Data and Predictive Analysis that are making beneficial disruptions in the recruitment processes.

The merits of AI often leads to success in filling the skill gap and right work to the right people. The technology can match the task and the right performer that evidently leads to enhanced productivity and profitability and saves both time and cost of the organizations. 

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2.  The Rise of AI and the Revamp of HR:

This article reflects on how AI is fast becoming a mainstream element of business, a trend that is visible in the APAC markets. The article also highlights how the ongoing investment and fundings in AI market will impact the HR.

HR will need to rethink and rejig the organizational construct, creating a flatter, cross-functional team structures. They will need to build the right capabilities to build value at the cusp of the machine and human intelligence. Reskilling, upskilling, organization restructuring, continuous learning, systems automation, etc. will be the go-to HR interventions to make this happen. "

3.    Can we rely on AI to eliminate workplace bias?

Among all the benefits that AI can offer, what grabbed our attention was its ability to eliminate workplace bias. According to the technology experts and leading technology dailies, AI can filter unconscious bias at workplaces. By deploying machine learning, AI can identify inherent bias in job descriptions and HR communication which can help in eliminating the bias at work.

AI is trained to identify patterns, and it can identify and learn any human bias that is present in your workplace. However, it still requires human touch to ensure it isn’t replicating existing biases or introducing new ones.

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