Article: Best practices in rewards landscape


Best practices in rewards landscape

A compendium of the innovative reward strategies of the finalists of the People Matters League Awards Total Rewards Conclave 2017, this special feature reflects on how organizations are designing their reward strategies to counter wide-ranging business challenges
Best practices in rewards landscape
The Total Rewards landscape is undergoing rapid changes as organizations are integrating employee value proposition with rewards and recognition. Today, optimizing Total Rewards is of utmost priority for organizations as they seek to design newer strategies to attract, motivate, retain and engage employees while integrating all aspects of rewards coherently.  In this special feature, we look at some distinct reward interventions by organizations in the five key categories — compensation, benefits, work-life balance, performance and recognition, and career development, while capturing the case studies of progressive organizations that use tailor-made reward and recognition approaches to provide solutions to key business challenges like diverse workforce, employee wellness, high levels of attrition and fulfilling customized needs of varied employees across the organization.  Several organizations were identified and selected for their innovative Total Rewards strategie...

Topics: #TotalRewardsTrends2017, Benefits & Rewards, Compensation & Benefits Consulting

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