Article: Best practises in building careers in rewards space


Best practises in building careers in rewards space

Tailored reward strategies in building careers by three eminent companies sharing business challenge, solution and impact.
Best practises in building careers in rewards space
Lemon Tree Hotels Limited Established in 2002, Lemon Tree Hotels Limited set new standards for the hospitality industry through their distinct policies, one of which is employing people with disabilities. With challenges like attrition associated with any company in hospitality/service sector, the management realized that the growth of the business was only possible when employees were growing. And that’s why building a career for the employees became the core responsibility. BusIness Challenge Many factors impact attrition and all hotel companies whether big or small face this problem. Attrition happens at all levels from entry-level associates to leadership positions. It is also the management’s responsibility to think not only about the company’s progression but also that of its employees as business growth has to be aligned with people’s strength and progression. And there is a negative impact if a company runs without a proper focus on building careers f...
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