Article: Beyond leadership: Become an effective coach with People Matters BeNext

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Beyond leadership: Become an effective coach with People Matters BeNext

Understand the Humble Inquiry approach to coaching and revisit the GROW model of coaching, in the virtual context, with Judy Rees and DN Prasad, in Program 4 of People Matters BeNext Working-from-home Certification.
Beyond leadership: Become an effective coach with People Matters BeNext

The need for effective communication came to the forefront, ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. In the beginning, it was required to keep the employees informed about the rapidly changing rules and regulations. Then it became about ensuring the calm and building trust. As anxiety took the front seat, communication also became critical to ensure employees’ mental well-being. One-to-one conversations in a remote working environment were not easy. Especially for leaders who were managing a distributed workforce for the first time. 

But most of us somehow still managed. However, now that this remote working culture becomes the very structure of how we work, the ‘manageable’ approach is not enough. Leaders have to become excellent virtual coaches and mentors. 

The fourth program of People Matters BeNext Working-from-home Certification, hence, focuses on shifting coaching behaviors for the new reality of work. 

The Virtual Coaching: Effective One2One Conversations Program will address how one-to-one conversations are the foundation of trust, relationships and untapping individual potential. People managers who can adapt coaching behaviors to everyday conversations can create win-win relationships that make work meaningful, purposeful and a lot more enjoyable.   

The program will focus on breaking the myths about coaching and provide two approaches for shifting coaching behaviours. 

After this program, you should be able to:

  • Reflect on some of the mindset shifts you need to work on 
  • Understand the Humble Inquiry approach to coaching 
  • Revisit the GROW model of coaching in the virtual context
  • Reflect on some pitfalls that may happen and how to fix them 

Learn from Clean Language coaching expert Judy Rees, Consultant, Rees McCann

Judy’s focus is on helping members of diverse networks to understand each other and to feel understood, so that creativity, collaboration and innovation can flourish. She says, “I know how to make that happen, and it's really not just about the tech.” 

Beyond technology, leaders can use their own human skills to facilitate creative, high-quality interaction, especially with distributed teams. And that’s what Judy will help you explore. 

Learn the tactics of effective coaching from DN Prasad, Senior Director, GovTech Singapore, Executive Coach (PCC,ICF)

“Collaborative leaders invest time to build relationships, handle conflicts in a constructive manner, and share control,” says DN Prasad. 

Presently responsible for Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Organization Development, Workplace and Culture for GovTech, DN Prasad is known in the world of work as an Executive Coach (PCC, International Coach Federation), transformational HR Leader, Culture Builder, Mentor/Advisor, Program Manager, Strategist and a start-up guy in the HR space! 

Learn from DN Prasad, the six key principles for collaborative leadership and the basics of being an effective coach for a distributed workforce. In addition to the live masterclasses, you will have access to online practical content, frameworks, videos and tools which will help you reflect, assimilate, and apply all that you have learned. Click here to learn more. 

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